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6019) Develop a succinct tagline for the venture. ("We rob banks." -Bonnie and Clyde)

6018) Handle the truth. [Thank you, Aaron Benjamin Sorkin]

6017) Show me the money! [Thank you, Cameron Bruce Crowe]

6016) Dreaming is a form of planning. [Thank you, Gloria Marie Steinem]

6015) Rather die of passion than of boredom. [Thank you, Willem Vincent van Gogh]

6014) Fear is diminished when our minds are made up. [Thank you, Rosa Louise McCauley Parks]

6013) Companies aren't creative, people are.

6012) Don't wish it were easier, wish we were better. [Thank you, Emanuel James Rohn]

6011) Life is trying things to see if they work. [Thank you, Ray Douglas Bradbury]

6010) Do not let making a living prevent you from making a life. [Thank you, John Robert Wooden]

6009) Make her story herstory.

6008) Version 1.0 (one point oh) is the first out-the-door product that we're selling to any and all customers. It comes after our alpha and beta versions. Keep in mind it wasn't until version 3.2 that Microsoft Windows really took off.

6007) Android Apps I've found most useful (no particular order) ... Google Keep (notes and lists), Memento (relational database), Squid (graphics and notes), Evernote (notes and articles filing, document scanning), File Commander (file management), Open Camera (photography), Google Drive (file storage and document scanning), Google Calendar (time management), Here WeGo (offline maps and navigation), Skype (video communications), Google Voice (text messaging, telephone), LinkedIn (personal networking), Gmail (email), LastPass (password management), Night Clock (soft night clock), ClockSync (time), OpenTable (dinner reservations), OurGroceries (shopping, to-do, packing lists), OfficeSuite (offline word processing, spreadsheet, pdf), Google Slides (offline presentations), Google Docs (on- and off-line word processing), Chambers Thesaurus (offline thesaurus), Chambers Dictionary (offline dictionary), Amazon Music (off- and online music), Speedtest (internet performance measurement), Easy Voice Recorder (audio recording), Google Photos (photography storage), Amazon Kindle (books and materials), Touch RPN (RPN calculator), AccuWeather (weather), USA Today (news), Economist (trends, useful information), Color Grab (identifying colors), Blogger (blogging) ... [- Jim]

6006) The average age of a successful startup founder is 45. [Thank you, Pierre Azoulay, Benjamin Felt Jones, J. Daniel Kim, and Javier Miranda]

6005) New Idea Acid Test: 1) Is it technically feasible (can it be made)? 2) Is it venture viable (will customers buy it)? If yes-yes, it could be gold!

6004) Stupidity is also a gift of God, but we mustn't misuse it. [Thank you, Karol Józef Wojtyła]

6003) We fail primarily because the things we try to accomplish are beyond our limited understanding, our immediate control, our physical and mental powers, or our skills and abilities. [Thank you, Atul Gawande]

6002) Let's try getting STEWD with our customers to learn about their challenges and vision: -Share with me... - Tell me about... - Explain to me... - Walk me through... - Describe for me... [Thank you, Joe Barhourn]

6001) Not-Invented-Here (NIH) is a common syndrome of individuals and organizations to reject suitable external solutions to problems simply because someone else came up with the idea before ... closely related affliction is the Let's-Reinvent-the-Wheel (LRW). [Thank you, Vangie Beal]

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