3500 - 3001

Tips 3500 to 3001 for Innovators and Entrepreneurs ...

3500) Innovation is a mashup of many different areas, different specializations.

3499) Innovation: something new and better. Seems simple, doesn't it? An innovation is simply something new and better. But creating an innovation, perhaps not so simple!

3498) Profit in business comes from repeat customers, customers that boast about our products and services, and that bring their friends with them. [Thank you, William Edwards Deming] (Category: Profit) |Poster Available|

3497) Multi-tasking is dead ... it never worked and it never will ... intelligent people love to sing its praises because it gives them permission to avoid the much more challenging alternative: focusing on one thing. [Thank you, Timothy Ferriss]

3496) Success breeds complacency ... complacency breeds failure ... only the paranoid survive. [Thank you, Andrew Stephen Grove]

3495) Budget: the amount of money needed or available for a purpose.

3494) Meditate.

3493) Success is never final and failure is seldom fatal ... unless the parachute doesn't open.

3492) Might as well enjoy our present company, it is what it is. Doesn't mean we can't fix it up for tomorrow.

3491) Remember not only to say the right thing in the right place, but far more difficult still, to leave unsaid the wrong thing at the tempting moment. [Thank you, Benjamin Franklin]

3490) Facts, opinions, fiction, or propaganda ... what is what we are hearing, seeing, reading? The source of our news is perhaps more important than the news itself.

3489) Integrate data from multiple sources. (Thank you, Kaushik Balakrishnan

3488) Beware: anyone bearing "free" gifts ... is it really, really free, or ???

3487) To live a creative life, we must lose our fear of being wrong! [Thank you, Joseph C Pearce]

3486) The reason Starbucks became such a sensation is that it's the new "third place" ... the old third places (the pub, the VFW hall, the country club) all had declined in appeal or importance ... Starbucks became that other place, between home and work/school. [Thank you, Dale Dauten]

3485) Think slow and deliberate when the results are most critical.

3484) Will we promote our venture with social media?

3483) I-nnovations are somethings personally-based, new and better.

3482) Sometimes old methods of dealing with new things still work.

3481) We can't just wait for opportunity to knock ... we have to go out and find it and bring it back with us, kicking and screaming if need be!

3480) Key question for our venture: What strengths do we have in our venture?

3479) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are bold and go where no one else has feared to tread.

3478) Commanding leadership style ... “military” style leadership – probably the most often used, but the least often effective. [Thank you, Daniel Goleman]

3477) Learn from friends and family.

3476) Key question for our venture: What percentage of the market do we plan to get over what period of time?

3475) Customer needs, wants, and desires ... the pain-pleasure spectrum! "I'm hungry and need food!" (pain); "I want a pizza!" (pleasurable); "I want pepperoni on my pizza!" (pleasure!)

3474) We can't control the weather ... but we can dress appropriately!

3473) Cash: money that is immediately available.

3472) Fast or slow ... which way to go? Sometimes we need to move fast, sometimes it's better to take our time. What about now?

3471) SAVE marketing framework: instead of product, think Solution; instead of place, think Access: instead of price, think Value: instead of promotion, think Education ... the P's of marketing made better. [Thank you, Christopher P Neck]

3470) Equity creation and realization determine the payoff.

3469) The truth isn't red or blue. [Thank you, New York Times]

3468) Have a clear vision ... if it's not, maybe time to clean our glasses or get new ones?

3467) Price is what we pay, value is what we get. [Thank you, Warren Edward Buffett] (Category: Price) |Poster Available|

3466) Served Available Market or Serviceable Available Market (SAM): the part of the total addressable market (TAM) that can actually be reached ...

3465) I keep hitting the spacebar, but I'm still on earth!

3464) Confidence begets confidence. [Thank you, Hector Moreno]

3463) Identify obstacles and knock them down.

3462) Reward success.

3461) Presume that anything we put on the internet will be out there forever and ever, whether we want it to be or not.

3460) Good or Bad ... what should we focus on today?

3459) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are able to build new structures in new ways.

3458) A Devil’s Advocate is toxic ... an idea-wrecker that sees only the downside, smothering a fragile new idea in negativity. Intead, bring in Angel Advocates who can help feed and nourish new thoughts. [Thank you, Tom Kelly]

3457) Like seeks like ... dislike doesn't care.

3456) Focus on serving customers that must have our types of products and services.

3455) Better a good conscience without wisdom than wisdom without a good conscience ... ethics over money.

3454) Take the initiative, don't wait to be told. [Thank you, Greg Yagan]

3453) Lazy people get bored.

3452) Do onto our customers before our competition does.

3451) Successful teams coordinate their activities.

3450) When the going gets tough, the tough get going.

3449) The difference between the right word and the almost right word is the difference between lightning and the lightning bug. [Thank you, Mark Twain]

3448) Rather be vaguely right than precisely wrong. [Thank you, John Maynard Keynes] (Category: Information) |Poster Available|

3447) Knowledge: facts, education, skills, experience.

3446) A good business plan provides a clear, rational explanation of why the venture concept is better than anything else already available. [Thank you, University of Oregon Colleagues]

3445) It’s not just what we've got, it’s what we do with what we've got. [Thank you, Rhonda Abrams]

3444) Go where we're most likely to succeed.

3443) Snowflakes are one of nature's most fragile things ... but just look what they can do when they stick together. [Thank you, Vesta M Kelly]

3442) Make someone feel good.

3441) Chance happens ... get ready to catch.

3440) Product diffusion curve: innovators, early adopters, early majority, late majority, and laggards.

3439) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are willing to take a chance.

3438) In skating over thin ice, our safety is in our speed. [Thank you, Ralph Waldo Emerson]

3437) We must be willing to lose a battle in order to win the war.

3436) Promote our venture with on-line computer services.

3435) Put old information first, new information second.

3434) A single thought can revolutionize our lives ... evolutionize our strife!

3433) It is better to be roughly right than to be precisely wrong. [Thank you, John Maynard Keynes]

3432) Never discuss employee matters with their co-workers.

3431) A good listener is popular everywhere.

3430) People rise to their level of incompetence. [Thank you, Laurence J Peter]

3429) Leadership is the heart and soul of business management. [Thank you, Harold Geneen]

3428) Plain questions and plain answers make the shortest road out of most perplexities. [Thank you, Mark Twain]

3427) What would you regret not having tried?. [Thank you, Frederic Premji]

3426) Let's promote our venture with product exhibitions. Where and when?

3425) Customers will tell us one thing, then do another.

3424) Make change happen for the better. That's our job.

3423) One data point does not make a trend.

3422) Encourage word-of-mouth ... give rewards for referrals from our current customers to some newbies.

3421) Build a solid team and keep it that way. {Also, see 311}

3420) Always do our best.

3419) We cannot be smarter than everyone ... but it helps if we're smarter than someone!

3418) Failures are divided into two classes ... those who thought and never did, and those who did and never thought. [Thank you, John Salak]

3417) How to build an elevator pitch ... figure out what is unique about what we do, make it exciting, keep it short and simple, write it down, then practice and practice some more. [Thank you, Steve Strauss]

3416) Create a better business model than the competition.

3415) Eight ways to expand globally: Technology Transfer (joint venture, Technology Licensing, Outsourcing, Exporting, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Franchising, Venture financing, Mergers and acquisitions (M&A). [Thank you, Andrew Zacharakis]

3414) Remove or bypass the barriers to our success ... if there's a wall, dig a tunnel.

3413) 72.6% of all statistics are made up ... ok, ok, so maybe a bit of an overstatement ... the point here is that statistics can be readily manipulated ... let's make sure they accurate for our use ... (I once saw an entrepreneur tell his potential investor audience that 1% of the population was affected by a particular issue. For his particular product, that was a very large number and his product could be very successful serving that size market. Problem was, the real number was 0.01% ... but the spreadsheet program he was using had converted his raw 0.01 entry to 1.0% when he changed the units on the spreadsheet cell from raw number to percentage. Yes, his actual market was 0.01% ... 1/100th of what his venture plan had detailed! It was not a feasible venture! Beware, statistics!

3412) How could we promote our venture with tours?

3411) Share profits with everyone on our team ... make everyone responsible for success.

3410) Letter of Intent: a brief, temporary, pre-contract document between two or more entities that outlines the parties’ intention regarding a future contractual or business arrangement.

3409) Key question for our venture: What are the two or three key features we plan to add in the next 3 months? ... how about the next six months?

3408) If it moves, tax it; if it keeps moving, regulate it; if it stops moving, subsidize it. [Thank you, Politicians Everywhere]

3407) Could we promote our venture with package inserts?

3406) Keep our heads up and give a big smile. [Thank you, George W Bush]

3405) A new product usually starts with a prototype, then an alpha version, next a beta version, and finally the first public release (version 1.0

3404) Find out what people are willing and able to pay for, then give it to them.

3403) Exercise: Describe 10 new potential market segments for our venture and its products and services.

3402) Let's get there fast and then we'll take it slow, that's where we wanna go way down to Kokomo. [Thank you, Beach Boys]

3401) We must shift our sail with the wind ... where are our customers going now?

3400) Complete three simple tasks every day ... break down complex tasks into simple, logical steps ... dedicate ourselves to completing 3 simple steps everyday that bring us closer to our goal ... it may only be 3 steps today, but we'll complete 21 steps by this time next week and 84 steps by this time next month ... the more we get done, the faster we'll go, the easier it will get, and the closer we will be to our desired end result. [Thank you, Marc & Angel]

3399) Resisting change has a price ... is it worth it?

3398) The emotional tail wags the rational dog ... explains why some customers buy things that really don't make much sense. [Thank you, Jonathan Haidt]

3397) We are what we eat. (Oh, oh. I might be a giant rutabaga.

3396) It takes perseverance ... venture building is not an easy task.

3395) Call old friends, keep in touch. Expect nothing in return.

3394) Beware: one-dimensional investors ... if an investor isn't willing or able to discuss all aspect of the venture, they aren't likely to be willing or able to contribute to its success.

3393) Brand happens ... customer experiences create the perceptions that form a brand image in customer minds. [Thank you, Leslie Bromberg]

3392) Raising money is a waste of time ... it's time away from running and growing the venture ... not that money doesn't have to be obtained, it's just that the actual process of raising money is not advancing the venture, per se. [Thank you, Tom Brown]

3391) Common cause of venture death: lack of passion to succeed.

3390) The odds of creating the next "big thing" are about 14,354 to 1 ... more like getting hit by lightning or winning the lottery! [Thank you, Loveable Pliable Statistics]

3389) Mistakes happen ... it's how we handle them that matters.

3388) Dream as big as we can dream ... we can always chop it into little bits later. [Thank you, Michael Phelps]

3387) Learning faster can be a significant competitive advantage.

3386) Key question for our venture: What are the major threats to a new entrant in our industry?

3385) Don't assume we know the answer ... (ass u me -Jim)

3384) Experience creates new knowledge ... knowledge creates new experiences.

3383) It could be a good opportunity for us if the risks can be mitigated.

3382) Newco: a common placeholder name for a new venture ... Newco is a combination of "new" and "company".

3381) If we don't say it, they can't repeat it. [Thank you, Wilbur C Munnecke]

3380) Key question for our venture: Why are we here? A sad answer if it's because there's nowhere else to go.

3379) Do not do what already exists, it is already done ... either do it a whole bunch better, or don't do it at all.

3378) Never give up our right to be wrong.

3377) Be self-starters.

3376) Should we promote our venture with searchlights?

3375) Ask follow up questions ... not likely to get a full answer with a first question.

3374) The only limit to our realizations of tomorrow are our doubts of today. [Thank you, Franklin Delano Roosevelt]

3373) Avoid the concrete promise and cultivate the delightfully vague.

3372) New! Improved! (box

3371) Speed is useful only if we're pointed in the right direction. [Thank you, Joel Barker]

3370) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs take pride in what they do.

3369) We gotta get out there and learn.

3368) The things which hurt, instruct. [Thank you, Benjamin Franklin]

3367) We are all explorers, each sailing out on a voyage of discovery, guided each by a private chart, of which there is no duplicate ... the world is all gates, all opportunities! [Thank you, Ralph Waldo Emerson]

3366) List the things we need, and need to do.

3365) In school, we're taught a lesson and then given a test ... in life, we're given a test that teaches us a lesson. [Thank you, Tom Bodett]

3364) A source of opportunity for innovation is demographic and population changes. [Thank you, Peter Ferdinand Drucker]

3363) The commercialization process is not linear ... it moves more like the balls in a pinball machine, taking off in one direction until it hits a snag, then bouncing off in another direction ... this chaotic process continues until the technology or venture either goes to market or fails. [Thank you, Kathleen Allen]

3362) The longer it takes to make a sale, the less likely we'll be able to make the sale.

3361) Have fun doing it, or live a long and boring life.

3360) Promote our venture with balloons? Why not?

3359) Communicate and collaborate ... the basis of a solid team.

3358) How to retain customers: offer rewards for continuing purchases.

3357) Do what we do better ... our aim is always high, to be better than anyone else at what we know best.

3356) If people aren't talking about our products and services and processes, they're not good enough.

3355) The wrong name and it's soon forgotten ... the right name will stay in mind.

3354) The Stone Age didn't end because they ran out of stones. (Category: Invention,Progress)

3353) Necessity-driven entrepreneurs are those who are pushed into starting businesses because they have no other work options and need a source of income. [Thank you, Andrew Zacharakis]

3352) Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way. [Thank you, Booker T Washington]

3351) Industry: the aggregate of manufacturing or technically productive enterprises in a particular field, often named after its principal product: the software industry.

3350) Know or Need to Know ... what should we focus on today?

3349) Life is a little of this and a little of that ... sometimes too little of this and too much of that.

3348) Product development is about adding value to the product ... marketing is about adding perceived value. [Thank you, James Latham]

3347) Choose the right VC.

3346) Pivot: structured course correction designed to test a new fundamental hypothesis about the product, strategy, and engine of growth.

3345) Identify our strongest strength ... go with it!

3344) Don’t do anything we don’t understand ... if we really think we need to do it, let's make sure we understand how to do it right.

3343) Ask, listen, and observe.

3342) Energy, knowledge, and persistence conquers all. [Thank you, Benjamin Franklin]

3341) The fewer the choices, the quicker the decision ... the quicker the decision, the more likely the sale. Make the buying process simple.

3340) Key question for our venture: Who are our customers? ... Where are they? When do they want to shop? What do they need, want, desire? Why should they buy from us? How are we going to capture their business?

3339) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are charismatic.

3338) Anyone can say anything, doesn't make it true ... we need to be careful about what we do and don't believe.

3337) Create multiple paths to success. [Thank you, Doug Goodman]

3336) Every firm’s business model consists of two base components; a revenue model and a cost model. [Thank you, Andrew Corbett]

3335) And that's the way it is ... but is that the way we want it to be? Tomorrow is another day. [Thank you, Walter Leland Cronkite Jr]

3334) As long as we can start, we're all right. [Thank you, Ernest Hemingway]

3333) Corporate entrepreneur credo: Come to work each day willing to be fired. [Thank you, Gifford Pinchot III]

3332) Clear: easy to perceive, understand, or interpret. We so need to be clear when we're talking with our customers!

3331) Do our homework ... get as many right answers as we can before the big test comes.

3330) Save costs where they matter the most ... save money by improving quality.

3329) Until we actually do, many may think we can't ... fie on them!

3328) We are in control ... even if we're backwards on the horse, grab the tail and pull real hard.

3327) TEAM: Together Everyone Achieves More.

3326) Four domains of leadership: strategic thinking, relationship building, influencing, executing. [Thank you, Gallup]

3325) We never know for sure ... we just have to go with what we know.

3324) Integrity is all we've got. [Thank you, Karl Eller]

3323) Effective: successful in producing a desired result.

3322) How to improve our financial bottom line: change suppliers.

3321) Creativity comes in waves ... when it comes, surf!

3320) Simple is good ... very good ... yes, very good indeed!

3319) Even old bodies can have young minds.

3318) Entrepreneurial Myth: Startups can’t be financed with debt ... actually, debt is more common than equity. [Thank you, Scott Shane]

3317) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are good communicators.

3316) Not every new idea needs our personal input.

3315) Don't burn bridges ... we might need them for a retreat.

3314) Label things so we all know what they are.

3313) Beware: lots of talk, not much walk ... amazing how many "experts" have little if any expertise ... before we hitch our wagon, let's make sure the ass has been down the road before and knows the way to go.

3312) The next move is always ours. [Thank you, Forbes]

3311) Choose the right angels ... don't just jump because someone says they have money ... make sure they have a good understanding of what we want to do and the tolerance to go for the ride with us ... the top is down and they're going to get their hair messed up.

3310) A chain is no stronger than its weakest link.

3309) AIDA ... An acronym for Attention, Interest, Desire, Action ... a short checklist for evaluating communications.

3308) Beware that the remedy might be worse than the disease. [Thank you, Francis Bacon]

3307) Potential venture legal issue: Negotiating venture capital financing based solely on the valuation. [Thank you, Connie Bagley]

3306) Be ourselves ... everyone else is already taken. [Thank you, Oscar Wilde]

3305) Plans get us into things ... but we have to work our way out. [Thank you, Will Rogers]

3304) Nothing takes the place of persistence and determination. [Thank you, Calvin Coolidge]

3303) Many new venture startup management teams consist of three key people ... the general manager (administration, money, general health of the venture) ... the innovator (new product and service development, operations) ... the entrepreneur (marketing, sales, customer relationships, problems and solutions).

3302) Opportunity is missed by most people because it looks like work. [Thank you, Thomas A Edison]

3301) Seeing is believing ... let's make sure our customers see what we want them to believe, and make their beliefs a reality.

3300) A majority of entrepreneurs developed their ideas within the field or industry in which they were working prior to starting the new business. [Thank you, William Bygrave]

3299) Potential venture legal issue: Thinking any legal problems can be solved later. [Thank you, Connie Bagley]

3298) The only people who never experience failure are those who are not pushing the envelope of what mankind is capable of doing. [Thank you, John Preston]

3297) Can we promote our venture with multiple purchase offers?

3296) Make or break? ... what should we focus on today?

3295) Types of customers ... the user, influencer, recommender, buyer, decision maker, saboteur. Sometimes they're all rolled into one. How will we deal with each of those personalities?

3294) Own each day.

3293) If we want to catch fish, we can’t mind getting wet ... or putting worms on hooks!

3292) A good business plan is more quantitative than qualitative. [Thank you, LOOP]

3291) If we're coasting, we're going downhill.

3290) Angels or devils in disguise?

3289) Put our new ideas to work. They aren't much good just sitting there.

3288) Key question for our venture: What big problem do we solve?

3287) Innovators and entrepreneurs should have experience in their venture industry or a similar one. [Thank you, Andrew Corbett]

3286) Wonder or Thunder ... what should we focus on today?

3285) Key question for our venture: Do we think our venture has high growth potential? ... Why?

3284) Key question for our venture: Compared to our competition, how do we compete with respect to price and benefits?

3283) Slay a beautiful hypothesis with ugly facts. [Thank you, Thomas H Huxley]

3282) Surround ourselves with beauty.

3281) Mistakes lead little by little to the truth. [Thank you, Jules Verne]

3280) Any plan is bad which is not susceptible to change. [Thank you, Bartolomeo da San Concordio]

3279) Listen ... carefully!

3278) Common bootstrapping strategy: be own accountant. [Thank you, QuickBooks]

3277) The easy stuff doesn't teach us much. Unfortunately, the stuff that does teach us a lot is hard.

3276) Being a corporate entrepreneur is like standing on a street corner in Gila Bend, Arizona wearing six layers of wool clothing in the middle of summer ... hot as all get out, but we're having fun!

3275) A venture operations manual becomes a training tool for employees.

3274) Beware strangers with candy ... remember what we learned about talking to strangers! If we really don't know who they are, why would we sell them part of our venture?

3273) Bootstrap: launch and build a startup business without using outside funding.

3272) There's a great future in plastics ... Think about it. Will you think about it?. [Thank you, Mr McGuire]

3271) It's everyone's job to innovate.

3270) Evaluate and accommodate.

3269) Action Item: something that needs to be accomplished.

3268) When in the vicinity of any microphone, whether it's a lavaliere, a handheld, or a boom, always assume it's "hot". [Thank you, Jesse Jackson]

3267) In the beginning, an true innovator created something new and better.

3266) Entrepreneurs create new technology, products, processes, and services that become the next wave of new industries. [Thank you, Jeffry A Timmons]

3265) Promote our venture with free calendars ... what could be finer than to have our customers look at our logo every day of the year.

3264) Pleasure or Pain ... what should we focus on today?

3263) Sit up straight ... we're no slouches!

3262) Politics is the art of looking for trouble, finding it everywhere, diagnosing it incorrectly, and applying the wrong remedies. [Thank you, Groucho Marx]

3261) Common evaluation criteria for new concept selection: market (size, growth, drivers, access, potential share); competency (business infrastructure, customer familiarity, core competencies); competitive issues (proprietary position, leadership position, cost position, key competitive advantages, sustainability of position); time factors (sales cycle, first mover or fast mover, time to break-even); technology (availability, readiness, skill base); financial (potential income, break-even, upside potential). [Thank you, P A Koen]

3260) Be open to constructive criticism.

3259) Typical new venture business plans are from 15 to 35 pages in length.

3258) Always keep our word.

3257) Key question for our venture: What else do we have to do?

3256) People look for value. [Thank you, Dean Rieck]

3255) Promote our venture with decals and stickers?

3254) The past can only be re-lived in the mind, not undone ... the past does not exist, but only in our memories.

3253) It’s easier to ask forgiveness than it is to get permission. [Thank you, Grace Hopper]

3252) Promote our venture with local cable TV?

3251) There are two ways to achieve change ... through crisis or through leadership.

3250) It takes $10 of revenue to put $1 on the bottom line ... 10% earnings is typical, but we can do better!

3249) Don't just be a better game in town, be the only game in town ... take the competition out of play.

3248) It's five o'clock somewhere ... if the time is not right where we are, let's go somewhere where it is. [Thank you, Jimmy Buffett]

3247) Let's not just be the best of the best, let's be the only ones who do what we do. [Thank you, Jerry Garcia]

3246) E-nnovations are new things electronically-based ... (I love made-up words, don't you?! - Jim

3245) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are good at timing.

3244) Keep a daily log of our venture adventure together. If nothing else, it'll make for some fun reading down the road. There might even be a lesson or two in there for us, or others.

3243) We each have 168 hours each week, no less, no more ... what are we each going to do with our 604,800 seconds this week?

3242) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are self-confident.

3241) There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

3240) The truth can't be glossed over. [Thank you, New York Times]

3239) Build morale, encourage teamwork, create enthusiasm, lead!

3238) Patent: a grant by the United States federal government or a foreign government to an entity (individual inventor, company or organization

3237) Give them something to talk about. [Thank you, David Molite]

3236) Short and sweet, succinct and neat.

3235) Give them something special ... a little reward for our customers just for being our customers.

3234) Beware of what we wish for ... we may well get it, and then what?

3233) Every why has a why not.

3232) Work with the best, leave the mess to the rest!

3231) We will never stub our toes standing still ... the faster we go, the more chance we'll stub our toes, but the more chance we have of getting somewhere! [Thank you, Charles Kettering]

3230) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs have a sense of urgency.

3229) Can we promote our venture with take-one racks?

3228) Experienced mentors can help us effectively and efficiently move our venture concept through the research, ideation, test, and planning stages to resourcing, launch, stability, sustainability, and growth.

3227) Find inspiration wherever we are because there is inspiration wherever we are.

3226) It's not over until it's over.

3225) Can we promote our venture with videos?

3224) Do not count our chickens before they hatch ... but we can set some objectives for how many we want to hatch, and when. We can count the number of eggs in the incubator ... not likely we'll have more chickens hatch than the number of eggs.

3223) Successful teams are inspirational ... yes we can, together.

3222) Key question for our venture: What are the features, functions, feel, and forms of our solution, and how do they fit our customers?

3221) People are always looking for something ... love ... wealth ... glory ... comfort ... safety ... show how our particular product, service, or methods fulfills one or more of their needs, wants, or desires. [Thank you, Dean Rieck]

3220) Remember, empty seats don't drink beer! [Thank you, Ryne Handleman]

3219) It is useless to be a creative, original thinker, unless we can also sell what we create. [Thank you, David Ogilvy]

3218) Kind words can be short and easy to speak.

3217) To scale our venture, we can develop new products for our current markets, develop new markets for our current products, but be careful of trying to do both at once.

3216) Look for the circumstances we want.

3215) Make customer service an integral part of our venture.

3214) EBITDA: abbreviation for Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization.

3213) Just for kicks, pick something we do everyday (make a pot of coffee

3212) Co-creation: new product concepts are products and services we developed alongside our target customers.

3211) To kill creativity, just say: "It's not my job ..."

3210) Creativity, challenge, control, cash, and celebrity ... the five key motivators for innovators and entrepreneurs.

3209) Give them something extra ... (A sandwich shop I like always includes a free chocolate chip cookie with every order, a little bonus for the customer. - Jim

3208) Make our house a home ... warm, comfortable, easy, friendly, cozy ... make our customer guests feel most welcome.

3207) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are self-sufficient.

3206) Knowing how to find knowledge is a critical skill. [Thank you, Brian Adair]

3205) I-T-O: abbreviation for Inputs-Transformation-Outputs ... that's what an organization does: it takes inputs and transforms them into outputs to serve customer needs, wants, and desires!

3204) Celebrate progress ... even baby steps.

3203) Match our solutions to our markets.

3202) Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives. [Thank you, William C Dement]

3201) In Hollywood, nothing beats cute animals. [Thank you, Ken Bensinger]

3200) Start off every day with a smile and get it over with! [Thank you, W C Fields]

3199) Promises, schedules, and estimates are important instruments in a well-run business. [Thank you, William H Swanson]

3198) They say the world has become too complex for simple answers ... they are wrong. [Thank you, Ronald Reagan]

3197) 90/10 Rule ... it's sort of like the 80/20 Rule except more pronounced. One example is what many angel investors say about their investments ... no significant payoff 9 times out of 10, but the one that does pay off may well be a doozy!

3196) People gossip about things they are interested in ... let's make them interested in us.

3195) It seems most people want the facts to fit the preconceptions ... when they don't, it is easier to ignore the facts than to change the preconceptions. [Thank you, Jessamyn West]

3194) Two questions for our venture: What key intellectual property (IP) does our venture possess (patents, patents pending, copyrights, trade secrets, trademarks, domain names)? Are we maximizing the value we receive from this IP?

3193) Be ruthless when proofreading ... cut whatever you can!

3192) Open our eyes, open our ears, don't open our mouth.

3191) The truth doesn't take sides. [Thank you, New York Times]

3190) When we're up to our nose, keep our mouth shut. [Thank you, Henry Fonda]

3189) Founder Funding: funding for a venture that comes from the venture founders.

3188) Do not confuse motion and progress ... a rocking horse keeps moving but does not make any progress. [Thank you, Alfred Armond Montapert]

3187) There are two kinds of people: those who finish what they start and so on. [Thank you, Robert Eugene Byrne] (Category: Success) |Poster Available|

3186) Can we promote our venture with magnetic holders?

3185) Customer problems are our friends ... problems are opportunities if only we see them so.

3184) When branding our venture, keep it simple and memorable!

3183) Pay our bills on time ... keep our vendors happy and they'll do extra nice things for us!

3182) Keep helpful advice ... get rid of the rest.

3181) Key question for our venture: What is the scope of products and activities for our venture?

3180) A leader leads by example, not by force. [Thank you, Sun Tzu]

3179) Have an agenda ... keep our meetings focused!

3178) Life is not a dress rehearsal. [Thank you, Howard Lester]

3177) What we are thinking about, we are becoming ... is it good, is it bad, is it ugly, is it wonderful?

3176) Discuss, before it becomes disgusting.

3175) Admit misteaks.

3174) Characteristics of successful entrepreneurs: dreamers, decisive, do-ers, determined, dedicated, devoted, detail-oriented, destiny, dollars, distributive. [Thank you, Andrew Zacharakis]

3173) Give ourselves plenty of time to play, too.

3172) When we thoroughly enjoy what we're doing, we'll thoroughly enjoy what we're doing.

3171) Do what we cannot do in order to learn how to do it. [Thank you, Pablo Diego José Francisco de Paula Juan Nepomuceno María de los Remedios Cipriano de la Santísima Trinidad Ruiz y Picasso]

3170) A good business plan focuses on market-driven opportunities. [Thank you, OneBlock]

3169) Optimism is medicinal ... and contagious!

3168) The most successful companies are nimble, aggressive, adaptable, speedy, and innovative ... they don't just welcome change, they make change happen. [Thank you, Richard Branson]

3167) Key question for our venture: Do we have the skills, passion, and luck that it will take to make this venture survive and thrive?

3166) Snap, Crackle, Pop ... three of the best product mascots ever! [Thank you, Kellogg's] (I thought Speedy Alka Seltzer was pretty good, too, but he didn't make it for the long run.)

3165) Change our minds when we know we must.

3164) Make a wish list ... then go do them!

3163) Successful innovators and entrepreneurs know how to network with others. [Thank you, Candida G Brush]

3162) The truth pulls no punches. [Thank you, New York Times]

3161) Stick to our aims to accomplish our goals.

3160) Creative people tolerate the unknowable. [Thank you, Emma L Murray]

3159) Anybody can cut prices ... it takes brains to make a better value. [Thank you, Alice Hubbard]

3158) Too many fingers spoil the pie. [Thank you, Martha Novy]

3157) No amount of money can cure an unhappy mind.

3156) Reiterate, restate, recap, rerun, repeat. (Keep our marketing message in front of our customers! -Jim)

3155) The greatest compliment that was ever paid me was when someone asked me what I thought and actually paid attention to my answer. [Thank you, Henry David Thoreau]

3154) The main thing is to keep the main thing the main thing. [Thank you, Stephen R Covey]

3153) We rather than me. [Thank you, Charles Garfield]

3152) There is a remedy for everything, except death.

3151) Give a little, take a little.

3150) Don't promise more than we can deliver, but deliver more than we promise! [Thank you, Kenneth A Fonstad]

3149) Right brain thinking: creativity at work.

3148) Choose the right investors ... it isn't just the money, it's the relationship.

3147) Don't just ask ourselves what the world needs; ask what makes us come alive ... then let's go out and do that, because what the world needs is people who are alive. [Thank you, Howard Thurman]

3146) How do we answer this question: Is there significant market potential for our products and services?

3145) Renovation innovation ... tear down the old to make room for the new and better.

3144) Circumstances: an event or fact that causes or helps to cause something to happen. [Thank you, Google Dictionary] (What are the key circumstances that we have to address in our venture? -Jim)

3143) Who are our primary competitors? Make a list, check it twice, which ones are naughty, which ones are nice?

3142) Now or Never ... what should we focus on today?

3141) Much of what we learn is by trial and error.

3140) Immediate gratification isn't fast enough!

3139) In journalism, it takes three events of a similar nature to constitute a trend ... but in this wilderness called the internet all we really seem to need is two, if that! [Thank you, Todd Hill]

3138) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are able to combine and synthesize.

3137) Be eccentric ... to a point!

3136) A Beta version of a new product is one that is starting to look nice ... it's a version that we're not afraid to show to some of our friendly customers for feedback.

3135) Everything is always in state of flux ... including (or especially) the status quo! [Thank you, Robert Byrne]

3134) How to kill creativity, just say: "We don't have resources ... "

3133) The highest entrepreneurship rates generally occur among 25-34 year olds. [Thank you, Andrew Corbett]

3132) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs need feedback on a regular basis.

3131) The rearview mirror is always cleaner than the windshield. [Thank you, Warren Edward Buffett]

3130) Logic and common sense can sometimes deter creativity. (Sometimes wild and crazy rule! -Jim)

3129) Stay away from wicked people. [Thank you, King Solomon]

3128) Promise less, deliver more, if we do we'll likely score.

3127) We can tell when we get butterflies in the belly ... and we will ... it's how we handle them that will make us great, or not.

3126) Four basic steps of idea multiplication: 1) Gather stimuli (Beware the leading question), 2) Multiply stimuli (Build upon the input of others), 3) Create customer concepts (Build prototypes), and 4) Optimize practicality (Add/remove features). [Thank you, William Bygrave]

3125) Successful teams have members that (mostly

3124) Go on a venture adventure.

3123) Key question for our venture: Does our ad hold viewer/reader/listener interest?

3122) Do not follow where the path may lead ... go instead where there is no path and leave a trail. [Thank you, Robert Frost]

3121) Creative people start with what they already have ... they start by putting it together in new and different ways to see what happens. [Thank you, Christopher P Neck]

3120) It is a characteristic of wisdom not to do desperate things. [Thank you, Henry David Thoreau]

3119) Trivial matters take up more time because we know more about them than important matters. [Thank you, Ed Steiner]

3118) Let us be thankful for the fools ... but for them, the rest of us could not succeed! [Thank you, Mark Twain]

3117) Key question for our venture: What is our specific strategy for success?

3116) CAGR: abbreviation for Compound Annual Growth Rate.

3115) A good business plan shows how investors can cash out in three to seven years, with an appropriate return on their investment. [Thank you, Sandy Klausa]

3114) A source of opportunity for innovation is change in industry structure or market structure that catches everyone unaware. [Thank you, Peter Ferdinand Drucker]

3113) Scope: the extent of the area that a venture deals with or to which it is relevant.

3112) Perfection is not attainable, but if we chase perfection we can catch excellence. [Thank you, Vincent Thomas Lombardi]

3111) It’s not work, unless we'd rather be doing something else. [Thank you, James Barrie]

3110) Can we promote our venture with talks and presentations?

3109) Competition: relationship in which two or more parties compete to gain customers.

3108) It is better to solve problems than crises. [Thank you, John Guinther]

3107) To be or not to be? To be is to do, to do is to be, do be do be do.

3106) If we want the rainbow, we gotta put up with the rain. [Thank you, Dolly Parton]

3105) Successful entrepreneurs are team-oriented. [Thank you, Timothy Butler]

3104) We often ask for advice when we already know the answer but wish we didn’t ... perhaps we're looking for someone else to blame?

3103) Key question for our venture: are other new ventures likely to enter our industry or our market, and why or why not?

3102) Get regular feedback, give regular feedback.

3101) People are naturally suspicious ... they seek to avoid risk ... back up claims with evidence, testimonials, survey results, endorsements, test results, scientific data. [Thank you, Dean Rieck]

3100) Say what we want and they probably won't care ... say what they want and they probably will.

3099) Lead, follow, or get out of the way. [Thank you, Ted Turner]

3098) SMILE when picking a name for a venture, product, or service ... SMILE is an acronym: Simple: one easy-to-understand concept ... Meaningful: customer instantly “get it” ... Imagery: visually evocative, creates a mental picture ... Legs: carries the brand, lends itself to wordplay ... Emotional: empowers, entertains, engages, enlightens. [Thank you, Wall Street Journal]

3097) We cannot spoil a rotten egg ... and we shouldn't try to serve it for breakfast.

3096) Can we promote our venture with classified advertising?

3095) Mission Statement: a statement of the purpose of a venture or organization, and its reason for existing. (The mission statement should guide the actions of the organization, spell out its overall goal, provide a path, and guide decision-making. Here's my favorite Mission Statement: Earn a Profit Solving Customer Problems Better than the Competition. -Jim)

3094) Me or We ... what should we focus on today?

3093) Follow up promptly ... let's do what we said we'd do when we said we'd do it.

3092) Improve our grammar.

3091) Key question for our venture: what are the trends that will have the most effect on our future?

3090) Creativity: the use of imagination or the making of original ideas.

3089) Phases of innovation: 1] Preparation; 2] Exploration; 3] Stimulation; 4] Incubation; 5] Illumination; 6] Selection; 7] Planning; 8] Implementation; 9] Evaluation; 10] Iteration.

3088) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are willing to invest in the future ... there is nowhere else to go!

3087) Method: a particular form of procedure for accomplishing or approaching something, especially a systematic or established procedure.

3086) Problem solving process: 1] Perceive; 2] Define; 3] Analyze; 4] Generate alternative solutions; 4] Evaluate the alternatives; 5] Decide; 6] Implement; 7] Evaluate; 8] Iterate; 9] Do it all over again.

3085) Don't waste time wishing for things we don’t have.

3084) If it doesn't sell, it isn't creative. [Thank you, David Ogilvy]

3083) Can we promote our venture with bumper stickers?

3082) The burden is on us to validate that a potential investor in our venture is accredited and fully understand the risks.

3081) Today will soon become a yesterday, too ... with a little bit of luck, we just might have a tomorrow to start all over again.

3080) Circumstances are the instruments of the wise.

3079) Potential venture legal issue: waiting to consider international intellectual property protection. [Thank you, Connie Bagley]

3078) What we have here is a failure to communicate ... how can we assure our customers will "get it" when we introduce a new product, service, or process?. [Thank you, Strother Martin]

3077) Science can amuse and fascinate us all, but it is engineering that changes the world. [Thank you, Isaac Asimov]

3076) Just because a rose smells better than a cabbage doesn't mean it will make better soup. [Thank you, H L Mencken]

3075) We are not in a position in which we have nothing to work with ... we already have capacities, talents, direction, missions, callings. [Thank you, Abraham Harold Maslow]

3074) If it doesn't fit, try on something else ... it it still doesn't fit, try a different style.

3073) Be willing to change the way we play the game. (Even if we're at the top of our league, nothing lasts forever. If we don't change for the better, how will we feel when our competition does? -Jim)

3072) Do it big or stay in bed. [Thank you, Barbara Ann Kipfer]

3071) Toto, I don't think we're in Kansas anymore ... so where the heck are we and how do we get to where we're going? [Thank you, Dorothy]

3070) Communications is critical, or we will live in an isolated world.

3069) There are five forces that define an industry: supplier power, buyer power, the barriers to entry, the threats of substitution, and the degree of rivalry. [Thank you, Michael Porter]

3068) The defeat of habit by originality overcomes everything. [Thank you, George Lois]

3067) A good read: Innovator's Dilemma (Clayton Christensen

3066) Learn to delearn and relearn.

3065) Grant: a sum of money given to an organization for a particular purpose and not requiring repayment. (Keep in mind that even grants aren't usually free ... they often have a "deliverable" due, like a report. -Jim)

3064) Confirm commitments ... then do them.

3063) Healthy, wealthy, and wise ... two outta three ain't bad, but nothing beats a trifecta ... 1, 3, 2, in that order.

3062) Controlling waste is like bailing a boat ... we have to keep at it! [Thank you, Lyndon Johnson]

3061) The problem with beauty is that it's like being born rich and getting poorer. [Thank you, Joan Collins]

3060) Mental Error: "People can have the Model T in any color they want, as long as it’s black." ... oh, we've come a long way since Hank was around! [Thank you, Henry Ford]

3059) Become a little more expert every day.

3058) If we don't tell them, they won't know.

3057) Rent instead of buy ... keep costs variable, spend money only when we really have to.

3056) Can we promote our venture with free information to our prospective customers?

3055) Deliver more than we promise ... add a free cookie in the bag with the sandwich.

3054) Finish what we start.

3053) Nobody roots for Goliath ... but they don't necessarily buy from David, either!

3052) People don't like to be sold, but they do like to buy!

3051) Key question for our venture: How much of a stock option pool is being set aside for employees?

3050) If we can't say something good, don't say anything at all.

3049) Never live a quiet ordinary life ... look for something new and better.

3048) Indecision is often worse than the wrong action. [Thank you, Gerald R Ford]

3047) WAG: abbreviation for Wild Ass Guess ... the art of using our best judgment to make a decision rather than hard and cold facts! (WAGs rely heavily on our experiences, our education, our expertise, our intuition. But when we WAG, we also need to follow up with TIG (This IS Good) and TAG (This Ain't Good) based on the facts when we find them. -Jim)

3046) Time doesn't change things ... we have to do the changing ourselves.

3045) Often we have to rely on our intuition. [Thank you, William Henry Gates III]

3044) Fuzzy or Firm ... what should we focus on today?

3043) Cost of Sales: the carrying value of goods sold during a particular period.

3042) Don’t go mountain climbing over mole hills.

3041) Innovators are often good at visualization, at art, at drawing, at sketching new concepts.

3040) Can we promote our venture with bulletin board signs?

3039) Those who succeed are those who have been given opportunities and have the strength and presence of mind to seize them. [Thank you, Malcolm Gladwell]

3038) Our efforts and attitudes are everything. [Thank you, Reid Wilson]

3037) Time heals all wounds ... well, most of them, anyway.

3036) Price is more than money ... the price includes convenience to purchase, related expenses, maintenance expenses, et alia. (Customers will often look beyond the posted price and consider their other expenses as well before purchasing from us or from our competition. -Jim)

3035) "Yes, and..." not "Yes, but..." It's not how we can pick apart someone else's idea, it's how we can help them mold it and grow it and make it better. [Thank you, Bernie Saboe]

3034) Key question for our venture: what have we learned from the early versions of our products or services? (How can we iterate our minimal viable product (mvp) into a Maximum Value Product (MVP)? -Jim)

3033) Successful teams have integrity within.

3032) Don't buy anything until we must ... and then, could be just rent it for some time, or borrow it from a friend?

3031) Successful teams share leadership and ownership of team tasks ... a task should have a leader who's responsible for making it happen, and the team should lend their support to make it happen.

3030) It's objectives, not projections. (The venture team should talk in terms of their objectives for the venture and how the team is going to make them happen ... investors get to make projections about how they think then venture will fare based on their confidence that the team can achieve their stated objectives. There should be a range for each objective: optimistic, pessimistic, and most-likely. -Jim)

3029) We can't play in dirt without getting dirty ... don't want to get dirty, don't play in the dirt.

3028) When writing a business plan, avoid form over substance ... if it looks good but doesn't have a solid basis in fact and research, we might as well save our energy. [Thank you, Kaye Vivian]

3027) Tell me and I forget; teach me and I remember; involve me and I learn. [Thank you, Benjamin Franklin]

3026) Look for ways to create new and better business models for our venture.

3025) Avoid verbal instructions.

3024) Can we promote our venture with business breakfasts or lunches? What is likely to happen?

3023) During the first 30 seconds, our light is green ... that means our listener is listening and not thinking we talk too much. During the next 30 seconds, our light is yellow ... that means the risk is increasing that our listener is bored, overwhelmed, or dying to respond. After the one-minute mark, our light is red ... yes, occasionally, we can go beyond a minute, for example, when telling an interesting story, but generally we should stop or ask a question. [Thank you, Marty Nemko]

3022) Nothing is free ... but some things are cheap, at least. (Maybe I'm just too suspicious, but when I see "free" I wonder "why?". -Jim)

3021) Key question for our venture: Does our name reinforce customer expectations?

3020) Self-observe, self-reflect. What's worked for us, what hasn't?

3019) Be as useful as you can to your colleagues ... you help them, they'll help you.

3018) Deliver exceptional quality.

3017) The world is flat and getting flatter. [Thank you, Thomas L Friedman]

3016) One day at a time ... a basic law of physics. [Thank you, Lee Radziemski]

3015) Perceive alternatives, substitutes, replacements ... have a "Plan B" in your pocket.

3014) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are able to translate ideas into action.

3013) Sometimes help comes from unusual sources ... don't be too quick to say "no" when someone offers a hand.

3012) Journalism: gathering, processing, evaluation, and dissemination of information ... good journalism skills are an asset for marketing, customer, competitive, and collaborative research.

3011) Schtuff happens. [Thank you, Holly Joubert]

3010) We don't see things as they are, we see things as we are. [Thank you, Anais Nin]

3009) Dry or Wet ... what should we focus on today?

3008) Don't throw spitballs at big, ugly lions.

3007) Customer Characteristics Profile: Decision Maker, User, Buyer, Purchasing Agent, Inspector, Rejector, Saboteur, Tire-kicker ... customers are complex critters.

3006) Acceleration takes a whole lot more energy than steady-state. (Starting from zero is tough, a key reason many startup ventures just don't get very far before running out of fuel. -Jim)

3005) Treat other people’s money as if it were our own ... if we're not willing to put in our own money, why should we expect anyone else to put in theirs? [Thank you, Ray Anderson] (Once upon a time, my two partners and I raised $1.5 million from an investor, enough to get our startup going. But to seal the deal, the investor required each of us to also put in $5K. At first, I thought he was kidding! Our $15K to his $1.5 million! But, as he quickly pointed out, it was our money that was going to be spent first! He just wanted to make sure our minds were in the "right place" before we spent his money! -Jim)

3004) Get out of debt and stay there. (A startup venture will most certainly chew up money in the early stages. A key goal should be becoming a stable and self-funding venture based on generating revenue from sales to customers. -Jim)

3003) A good business card tells who we are (name), what we do (title and organization), where we can be reached (address, email, telephone, social media?), and how we can be of service to the reader (a short, sweet, distinct, descriptive tagline, like: "We Unplug Sewers").

3002) Dream or Doze ... what should we do today? (Personally, I like to do both ... dream in a nice deep sleep sometimes, other times just take a little doze and see what pops up in the old brain! Quite often, there is a nice reward at the end of the siesta ... a little idea, a big idea, perhaps something humorous to laugh at, sometimes something scary to hide away! -Jim)

3001) There is no elevator to success ... only stairs.