Tips 3501 to 4000 for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

3500) Innovation is a mashup of many different areas, different specializations, different perspectives.

3501) A good business plan gives a clear sense of what the founders expect to accomplish in 3 to 7 years ... key word is accomplish. Too many business plans use "projections" rather than "objectives" ... projections are passive, objectives take work.

3502) Key question for our venture: What are the key assumptions underlying our objectives for the future?

3503) A little knowledge is good, a lot is better ... but too much can overwhelm creativity and innovation. Sometimes innovation takes ignorance ("Gees, I didn't know that couldn't be done, but I just did it!")

3504) Types of creativity: 1] Expressive ... Very common form of creativity. Example: Doodling, short notes, humming a new melody. Useful for communications, advertising, sales. 2] Productive ... Common form of creativity. Example: Finding a better way of doing a job. Useful for process improvement, cost reductions, efficiency, improvement. 3] Inventive ... Userful for new product development. 4] Innovative ... Applied creativity. Better solutions than competition. Competitive advantages. Useful for marketing, new product development. 5] Emergenative ... Very rare form of creativity. Example: Einstein's Theory of Relativity...opened the door for space travel, nuclear fusion. Useful for developing entirely new industries.

3505) A meeting is an event at which the minutes are kept and hours are lost.

3506) What sunshine is to flowers, smiles are to people.

3507) Nurture innovation ... it is fragile, sensitive, delicate, easily lost in hustle and bustle.

3508) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are able to observe trends and jump on them!

3509) The going will get tough ... be tougher!

3510) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs welcome responsibility.

3511) Beware: don't let anyone take grandma's and grandpa's retirement savings money for a risky new venture.

3512) Will this be important five weeks from now? If not, move on.

3513) Don't use your teeth to open things.

3514) Be open to new and better.

3515) Distrust interested advice. [Thank you, Aesop]

3516) Exercise ... body, mind, ethics.

3517) Intelligence is not enough ... using it wisely is the key.

3518) Nothing is really work unless we would rather be doing something else. [Thank you, J M Barrie]

3519) Create a minimum viable product (mvp) to start the venture rolling, but a MAXIMUM VALUE PRODUCT (MVP) to grow!

3520) My definition of an expert in any field is a person who knows enough about what's really going on to be scared. [Thank you, P J Plauger]

3521) Wisdom often consists of knowing what to do next ... and what not to do next.

3522) There are risks and costs to a program of action, but they are far less than the long-range risks and costs of comfortable inaction. [Thank you, John F Kennedy]

3523) Few people think ... many have opinions.

3524) Be flexible.

3525) Anyone can have a good idea ... and everyone should!

3526) Corporate entrepreneur credo: Be loyal and truthful to the sponsor. [Thank you, Gifford Pinchot III]

3527) Key question for our venture: Can we promote our venture with community involvement?

3528) Seek the best ... rid the rest.

3529) Heavy or Light ... what should we focus on today?

3530) Place: the regular or proper position of something.

3531) It's natural to be afraid of something we've never done before, but it's wise to not let that stop us. [Thank you, Tom Hopkins]

3532) Find funding from fan-tastic customers. The best source of funding is from the profit of sales.

3533) Each user interaction required on a website landing page is going to cost us 50% of the audience. [Thank you, Bob Dumouchel]

3534) There are two types of benefits: 1] objective ... fit, form, function, performance ... 2] subjective ... color, smell, branding ... we need to know which are most important to our customers.

3535) Every revolution was first a thought is one person’s mind. [Thank you, Ralph Waldo Emerson]

3536) Potential venture legal issue: Issuing founder shares without vesting. [Thank you, Connie Bagley]

3537) Don't lie, cheat, or steal. We're better than that.

3538) Innovation is simply something new and better ... something: product, service, process, method, market ... new: not done before, at least for our target customers ... better: more benefits or a lower price than the competition.

3539) It could be a good opportunity if we can develop a significant value proposition to solve the problem in the opportunity.

3540) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are breaking the boundaries.

3541) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are independent in thinking.

3542) Vision: the ability to think about or plan the future with imagination or wisdom.

3543) Do not be afraid of resistance. Rather, apply more electromotive force to get the current flowing!

3544) The purpose of a business plan ... mitigate risk; optimize the odds of success; and chart the shortest path to becoming a healthy, stable venture.

3545) Be empathetic to personal problems ... sometimes what happens outside of work can have a big effect on the quality of work produced. Be sensitive if colleagues have personal issues.

3546) People always call it luck when we have acted more sensibly than they have. [Thank you, B F Skinner]

3547) There are exceptions to every rule, suggestion, recommendation ... the trick is knowing which are and aren't the exceptions.

3548) Action: the process of doing something.

3549) Get some help when we need it ... accountant, lawyer, consultant, domain experts.

3550) Feasibility Analysis: an evaluation and analysis of the potential of the proposed project which is based on extensive investigation and research to support the process of decision making.

3551) If we refuse to accept anything but the best, we very often get it. [Thank you, W Somerset Maugham]

3552) Look out to the future ... what do we see?

3553) Everything is important ... some things more than others, yes, but what is not important today may be top of the pile tomorrow ...

3554) Innovators are often subjective thinkers.

3555) Competitors ... can't live with 'em, can't live without 'em!

3556) Incorporate: to create a new corporation by making a legal filing with the Secretary of State of a given state.

3557) Stay professional, not personal.

3558) Have a little common sense ... a lot is even better!

3559) Be greedy when people are fearful ... be fearful when people are greedy! [Thank you, Warren Buffett]

3560) Key question for our venture: Who are the target customers for this business venture?

3561) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs know how to organize, prioritize, focus.

3562) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are emotionally stable ... usually, not always, and sometimes the crazy ones do great!

3563) Recognition can be more important than dollars.

3564) Network: a group of interconnected people or things.

3565) Don't start it until we know how we want it to end.

3566) The Fuzzy Front-End is the weakest area of the innovation process ... the work is not structured; revenue expectations are uncertain; funding is usually variable; the work usually results in strengthening a concept, not achieving a planned milestone. [Thank you, S Boyce]

3567) Business plan competitions: they're a crap shoot.

3568) Successful companies not only create value, they also communicate their uniqueness to customers in credible ways.

3569) Key question for our venture: What other notable companies are in this industry?

3570) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are able to escape perceptual sets and entrenchments.

3571) Inspiration, then perspiration ... it will take some work to make something new and better.

3572) Better have failed in the high aim than vulgarly in the low aim succeed. [Thank you, Robert Browning]

3573) Count to ten first ... then, and only then, get mad!

3574) The quality of the wine is inversely proportional to the ferocity of the beast depicted on its label. [Thank you, Neil Pendock]

3575) If everything is under control, we're going too slow ... put the pedal to the metal and race to victory. [Thank you, Mario Andretti]

3576) Be ready to do business ... whenever our customers are ready to do business with us. [Thank you, Susan Ward]

3577) Be accessible.

3578) Innovation is like a Ferris Wheel ... it keeps going round and round.

3579) Intelligent people make mistakes, too, and sometimes they're really dumb ones.

3580) Maintaining our good character is easier than trying to regain it.

3581) Media: Bad news drives good news out of the media. [Thank you, Lee Loevinger]

3582) Enterprise: a project or venture, typically one that is difficult or requires effort, initiative, and resourcefulness.

3583) Can we promote our venture with envelope advertisement?

3584) We know what we should do, but do we do it?

3585) There are always highs and lows ... get in low, get out high.

3586) The Critical Success Factor: Earn a Profit Solving Customer Problems Better than the Competition! There may not be a sure-fire formula for success in business, but there is a recipe and that is it ... the results of the recipe depend on the quality of the ingredients that go in and the skills of the cook to put them all together.

3587) The consumer is our boss, quality is our work, and value for money is our goal. [Thank you, Mars Candy Company]

3588) One gallon of water is needed to extinguish the heat generated by one pound of burning wood. That's a rule of thumb for putting out forest fires. Is there a rule of thumb for what you want to do?

3589) Most active angel investor groups in the US ... Alliance of Angels, Central Texas Angel Network, Desert Angels, Houston Angel Network, Hyde Park Angels, Keiretsu Forum, Launchpad Venture Group, Maine Angels, New York Angels, Sandhill Angels, Tech Coast Angels, Wisconsin Investment Partners. [Thank you, Angel Resource Institute]

3590) Death is not the end ... but it is an effective way to cut expenses. [Thank you, Woody Allen]

3591) Key question for our venture: What advertising will we be doing? ... how much will it cost? ... can we afford it?

3592) If we lose the element of fun at work, we've lost everything. [Thank you, William Hewlett]

3593) Build long-term relationships with key suppliers and partners. [Thank you, Walt Disney]

3594) Choose our partners carefully.

3595) Key question for our venture: What is our primary NAICS number? If we know what it is, we can use it to find lots of good information about our industry. Ask your friendly librarian for help.

3596) The future of work consists of learning a living. [Thank you, Marshall McLuhan]

3597) Wisdom means seeing implications and drawing conclusion.

3598) Frequency is the number of times a member of our target market is exposed during that time period. [Thank you, William Bygrave,]

3599) Ideas are a dime a dozen ... it's what we do with them that creates dollar value.

3600) Expertise: expert skill or knowledge in a particular field ... an expert is a person who has made all the mistakes that can be made in a very narrow field. [Thank you, Niels Bohr]

3601) Ethics matter above all ... be honest and reliable in all of our business and personal relationships. [Thank you, Karl Eller]

3602) A new venture may be feasible if creating the solution it will sell is viable.

3603) The measure of success is not whether we have a tough problem to deal with, but whether it's the same problem we had last time. [Thank you, John Foster Dulles]

3604) We need all the SPLUCK we can get ... SPLUCK (Skills, Passion, LUCK) is a trait commonly shared by most successful innovators and entrepreneurs.

3605) Courteous: ensure that our communication is friendly, open, and honest, regardless of what the message is about ... be empathetic and avoid passive-aggressive tones.

3606) Consistency requires us to be as ignorant today as we were a year ago!

3607) Write down our goals ... put them in order ... make the top of the list our top priority. How often do we work on the low priority stuff just because it's easy?

3608) We all have baggage ... some of us can carry it on and put it in the overhead bin, others need to check it below.

3609) Key question for our venture: Can we collaborate rather than compete with our competitors?

3610) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are unwilling to conform .

3611) Everyone can contribute something special ... and should.

3612) Assume innocence ... allow for mistakes.

3613) The nail that sticks up gets hammered down.

3614) Pride, greed, lust, envy, gluttony, anger, and sloth ... the Seven Deadly Sins.

3615) Past or Present or Future ... what should we focus on today? Can't change the Past, the Present is in progress, the Future we can form.

3616) Experience is a hard teacher and has been known to kill some of her students.

3617) Discover creative solitude ... sometimes we just have to get away from it all.

3618) Smart or Dumb ... what should we be today?

3619) Tick-tock, darn that clock! 24 hours a day, that's it.

3620) How we interpret the data is often more important than the data itself.

3621) A good habit is easier to learn than a bad habit is to break.

3622) Think for ourselves, not for others.

3623) Five types of people adopt new products or services, but do so at different times: "innovators" jump first, "early adopters" are close behind, "early majority" buy when they are comfortable with the newness, "late majority" follow the flow, and "laggards" come late to the game. [Thank you, Everett Rogers]

3624) Continuously improve our sales skills, learn from others, and stay open to new ideas.

3625) Can we promote our venture with newspaper advertising?

3626) While many things change, most things remain constant. [Thank you, John Naisbitt]

3627) Pay attention to small details; they are often sources of special opportunities. The small detail magic for Subway is making sandwiches in front of the customer who acts as quality control and is entertained in the process.

3628) Act like what we want to be and it will cease to be just an act.

3629) Corporate entrepreneur credo: Be true to the goals, but be realistic about the ways to achieve them. [Thank you, Gifford Pinchot III]

3630) Seek out the opportunity in sticky situations.

3631) Many entrepreneurs pick the worst industries for start-ups. [Thank you, Scott Shane]

3632) If work was a good thing, the rich would have it all and not let us do it. [Thank you, Elmore Leonard]

3633) Success is about growing others.

3634) Successful innovators and entrepreneurs are full of energy.

3635) How to attract new customers: offer free returns and refunds if not satisfied. No questions asked ... if the customer isn't satisfied, give them their money back and cut them loose.

3636) Primary Research: a collection of original primary data, often undertaken after the researcher has gained some insight into the issue by reviewing secondary research or by analyzing previously collected primary data.

3637) The first sentence acts as the headline for what is coming next ... lose the reader right away and the game is over.

3638) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are attracted to challenges.

3639) A good business plan financially justifies the means chosen to sell the products and services. [Thank you, Medli]

3640) Don't be afraid to try something new ... we might even like it!

3641) Beat the snot outta 'em ... our competitors, that is, not our customers!

3642) What's in it for me? ... Crass as that may be, it is how many (or perhaps even most) customers think. The burden is on us to pre-think how they think and do what we can to let them know how we've got what they need, want, and desire!

3643) Successful teams maintain control despite extreme pressures.

3644) Better to pull up than push down.

3645) Don't get left behind.

3646) How to kill creativity, just say: "Well, maybe next year ..."

3647) Sometimes old methods of dealing with things don't work ... and sometimes the new ones don't either!

3648) Focus on an industry where our team has prior experience with success.

3649) We've got to be very careful if we don’t know where we're going ‘cause we might not get there. [Thank you, Yogi Berra]

3650) It might be a company but it's not a business without customers.

3651) We are judged not by what we have but by what we do with what we have!

3652) Stay optimistic.

3653) Mentor and be mentored ... collaborate, cooperate.

3654) Edit everything we write. Watch for spelunking spelling errors.

3655) Pain does not last forever ... usually.

3656) Don’t stop praising or thanking ... it costs nothing but aids much value. [Thank you, A L Williams]

3657) Can we promote our venture with magazine advertising?

3658) Argue for our limitations and sure enough, they're ours. [Thank you, Richard Bach]

3659) We may have a fresh start any moment we choose, for this thing we call failure is not the falling down, but the staying down. [Thank you, Mary Pickford]

3660) If we want to grow, we'll need some food and water.

3661) Key question for our venture: What advantages does our competition have over us? Are they surmountable?

3662) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are good at maintaining interpersonal relations.

3663) Create crisp, concise, clear, compelling communications.

3664) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are able to fantasize.

3665) Tip for creating a good venture plan: Provide three-year forward-looking profit-and-loss, balance sheet, and cash-flow objectives statements.

3666) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are able to keep their options open.

3667) God has a sense of humor ... often at our expense!

3668) Successful teams have a division of tasks that is clear and concise.

3669) Some business plans are just based on the Business Model Canvas ... while a reasonable starting point, it usually not deep enough.

3670) Reputation is what people say about us, character is what God knows about us. [Thank you, Bobby Bowden]

3671) When stocks are down, buy ... they'll go lower ... ignore that ... when stocks are up, sell ... they'll go higher ... ignore that ... apply this rule consistently and make money in the market. [Thank you, John Rosevear]

3672) Can we promote our venture with co-op advertising?

3673) Do or Don't ... do what is good, don't do what isn't ... it's that simple.

3674) In every decision and action, realize that innovation is critical to our success. [Thank you, K A Zein]

3675) Speak with the listener in mind.

3676) It wasn't raining when Noah built the arc. [Thank you, Howard Ruff]

3677) Anticipating behavior of our competitors can help us sharpen our focus and respond strategically when we are actually challenged. [Thank you, Kenneth A Sawka]

3678) An ounce of action is worth a ton of theory.

3679) To get along, go along. [Thank you, Sam Rayburn]

3680) Education cannot be taken away, but it can be shared.

3681) Emotional or Rational ... what should we focus on today?

3682) It's easier to get into something than get out of it.

3683) Key question for our venture: Would any prior employers of a team member have a potential claim to our venture's intellectual property? ...

3684) A schedule defends from chaos and whim. [Thank you, Annie Dillard]

3685) Key question for our venture: What strategic opportunities exist in the market?

3686) The Kiss of Death : "We don't have to do anything new and better and different! We're fine just the way we are."

3687) Domain Knowledge: knowledge about a specific industry, technology and/or market, typically based on extensive experience in that industry or technology arena.

3688) Can we promote our venture with consumer magazines?

3689) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are have good imaginations.

3690) Corporate Entrepreneurship: the act of initiating new ventures or creating new value within an already established organization or company.

3691) Find out what we like doing best ... then find someone who will pay us for doing it.

3692) Experience: the knowledge or skill acquired over a period of time, especially that gained in a particular profession by someone at work.

3693) Efficiency focuses on cost, effectiveness focuses on value. [Thank you, Roger Kirkham]

3694) Don't burn our bridges ... we might need them for retreat!

3695) Common Mistake: lack of comparable business models. [Thank you, Andrew Zacharakis]

3696) It is easy to hold the fort when it's not being attacked.

3697) Dream with our eyes wide open. Many of the very best ideas were conceived at night, in bed ... and some pretty good people came into being that way, too!

3698) It could be a good opportunity for us if the problem is clear and we can solve it.

3699) Don't lose the big picture in the minutiae details.

3700) Red flag: a warning of danger or problem. Any red flags for our venture?

3701) Try really hard ... then try harder. (Thank you, Avis)

3702) Key question for our venture: Who don't we need in our venture? ... Who do we need? ... How do we balance the load?

3703) Never give in, never give in, never, never, never. [Thank you, Winston Churchill]

3704) Always assume our competition is smarter than us ... often they are! [Thank you, Walter Rathenau]

3705) Never continue in a job we don’t enjoy.

3706) We must know more than the competition, but that's not always the case ... tread softly sometimes!

3707) Do not feel lonely ... the entire universe is around us!

3708) Innovators are good at synthesizing.

3709) Try to make someone happy every day.

3710) Do not meddle with a business we know nothing about.

3711) Successful innovators and entrepreneurs are continually refining their senses, especially sight, as the means to enliven experience. [Thank you, Michael J Gelb]

3712) Key question for our venture: What is the possibility that something unpleasant or unwelcome will happen?

3713) Entrepreneurship creates a lot of wealth, but it is very unevenly distributed. [Thank you, Scott Shane]

3714) We cannot create experience ... we must undergo it! [Thank you, Albert Camus]

3715) The entrepreneur always searches for change, responds to it, and exploits it as an opportunity. [Thank you, Peter F Drucker]

3716) Figures can lie ... it's all in the assumptions. [Thank you, Louise Francesconi]

3717) Conditions will never be perfect. Start now.

3718) Change: become or make different.

3719) Key question for our venture: What is the primary competition, alternatives, substitutes, replacements for our products, services, and processes?

3720) Tip for creating a good venture plan: Start with a clear, concise executive summary of your business. [Thank you, Mary Crane]

3721) Don't micromanage ... give them an assignment and let 'em go do it!

3722) Don't take the wrong side of an argument just because our competitor has taken the right side.

3723) There is always more to know about everything. [Thank you, Barbara Ann Kipfer]

3724) Common bootstrapping strategy: work from home.

3725) If we can't measure it ... we can't control it!

3726) Some regions, states, and even nations provide a better environment for fostering entrepreneurship than others. [Thank you, William Bygrave]

3727) R&D: abbreviation for "Research and Development", typically a department in a venture responsible for new product innovation, design, and engineering ...

3728) People will meet the expectations that we set for them ... set them high and they'll jump, set them low and they'll crawl.

3729) Successful entrepreneurs have an ability to make good decisions. [Thank you, Janet Kraus]

3730) Ask lots of relevant questions ... even if it means asking some irrelevant ones along the way!

3731) Product Launch: the orchestrated introduction of a new product (or version of a product) to the market.

3732) An executive summary is one page long ... two at the most. An expanded executive summary is typically about 6 pages long.

3733) Sometimes it’s like a bacon and egg breakfast ... the chicken is involved but the pig is committed ... are we the chicken or are we the pig?

3734) The time to repair the roof is when the sun is shining. [Thank you, John F Kennedy]

3735) Do not do what is already done ... do something new and better.

3736) The P’s of Marketing ... product, place, price, profit, promotion, position. Our marketing plan should address all six and how they fit together.

3737) We can go further when we know where we are going ... there is a fine middle between planning too much and planning too little

3738) Many people would sooner die than think ... In fact, they do. [Thank you, Bertrand Russell]

3739) Get our act together.

3740) Can we promote our venture with membership in organizations?

3741) Single steps add up to a completed goal.

3742) Lack of money isn't the real problem ... lack of a good idea is! [Thank you, Ken Hakuta]

3743) There is no past and there is no future ... there is only now!

3744) Get ready, get set, go! [Thank you, Carlos Alsua]

3745) Eliminate, elaborate ... What can we eliminate? Remove something? Eliminate waste? Reduce time? Reduce effort? Cut costs? ... "I can eliminate ... by ..."

3746) If the phone doesn't ring, it's us ... If our customers aren't calling us, what are we doing or not doing that's wrong ... it's not them, it's us! [Thank you, Jimmy Buffett]

3747) Entrepreneurship is a collection of methods and madness ... it is not just one thing, it's a composite of many things that together create a powerful force for creation, invention, and innovation.

3748) Organize the day in the morning. Stick to the plan.

3749) We have met the enemy, and he is us! [Thank you, Pogo]

3750) Everything we hear is not true ... what is and isn't can make all the difference in the world!

3751) Let’s do it because we want to, not because we have to.

3752) Do things right ... the first time.

3753) If people are offered a fact which goes against their beliefs, they will scrutinize it closely, and unless the evidence is overwhelming, they will refuse to believe it ... If, on the other hand, they are offered something which affords a reason for acting in accordance to their beliefs, they will accept it even on the slightest evidence. The origin of myths is explained in this way. [Thank you, Bertrand Russell]

3754) Entrepreneurs are often good at ordering things by priority.

3755) Thou shalt not kill ... tempting as it may sometime be!

3756) Fool: a person who acts unwisely or imprudently.

3757) There are 10^11 stars in the galaxy ... that used to be a huge number ... but it's only a hundred billion ... it's less than the national deficit! We used to call them astronomical numbers ... now we should call them economical numbers! [Thank you, Richard Feynman]

3758) Innovation has a fuzzy front-end that needs an entrepreneurial awareness to focus potential and power. [Thank you, Ken Smith]

3759) The best value wins ... whoever delivers better benefits at a lower price wins the business.

3760) Straight or Curved ... what should we focus on today?

3761) Never stop questioning ... even after we have an answer, especially after we think we have an answer, keep looking for other alternatives because our competitors will. [Thank you, Albert Einstein]

3762) Think 10 years rather than 10 minutes. [Thank you, Warren Buffett]

3763) Use secondary information that was collected by an independent research organization, not one with an ax to grind.

3764) Key question for our venture: How are they a threat to our venture?

3765) Stick to standard conventional formats for our financial reports. Creativity is generally a good thing, but not when it comes to financial reports, the formats or the numbers!

3766) Key question for our venture: What are the major opportunities in our industry?

3767) Never promise more than we are willing to deliver.

3768) The only completely consistent people are dead. [Thank you, Aldous Huxley]

3769) The student should surpass the teacher ... (unless the teacher's name is Jim, in which case the student should take him out to lunch!)

3770) Listen to the smarty in the party.

3771) Profit is a reward for doing a good job!

3772) Affiliative leadership style ... emphasizes the importance of teamwork, and creates harmony in a group by connecting people to each other. [Thank you, Daniel Goleman]

3773) Write it down ... Capture all ideas, big or little, good or bad, fast or slow!

3774) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are able to accept rejection.

3775) If it ain't broke, don't fix it ... instead, make it even better than it was before.

3776) Good enough never is ... we gotta be better so we don't get beat. [Thank you, Debbie Field]

3777) Success may stifle creativity by leading people to focus narrowly on existing solutions rather than exploring new ones.

3778) Time is the most valuable and scarce resource.

3779) It’s easy to find leaders ... they have people following them. [Thank you, Bill Gore]

3780) How can we answer this question: Is our venture in a growth industry?

3781) Our brand is a pitch to our customers to do business with us. Make it a good one.

3782) Do everything as if the customer were standing next to us ... we should not be ashamed of anything we do, including making a fair profit!

3783) Let’s do unto others as we would have them do onto us!

3784) Use secondary information that is based on large sample sizes.

3785) Persist ... resist resting on our laurels!

3786) We cannot be defeated if we just keep taking one breath after another. [Thank you, Oprah Winfrey]

3787) Do something nice.

3788) Time is limited.

3789) Plan or Do ... what should we focus on today?

3790) No good deed goes unpunished.

3791) It could be a good opportunity if the market is significant.

3792) Potential venture legal issue: Starting a business while employed by a potential competitor, or hiring employees without first checking their agreements with the current employer and their knowledge of trade secrets. [Thank you, Connie Bagley]

3793) Pick a battle big enough to matter but small enough to win. [Thank you, Jonathan Kozol]

3794) Small markets before large ones.

3795) Revenue is not predictable, so we must control our costs ... in general, make costs variable wherever we can.

3796) Facts are facts and will not disappear on account of our likes. [Thank you, Jawaharlal Nehru]

3797) Will this problem matter in 10 years? ... if not, is it worth addressing?. [Thank you, Nelson Wang]

3798) Let's try some guerilla marketing ... something they don't expect to grab their attention!

3799) When I started, I wanted a piece of the pie; now I want to make the pie. [Thank you, Seton Claggett]

3800) Communicate ... keep the channels open and flowing with information!

3801) Hire the best, fire the rest ... hire slow, fire fast.

3802) Character is what we are ... reputation is what others think we are.

3803) Protect our intellectual property.

3804) A person without a smiling face ought not to open a shop. [Thank you, Linsay Craton ]

3805) It is better to ask some questions than to know all the answers. [Thank you, James Thurber]

3806) SWOTT it ... what are the Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats, and Trends? ... good to SWOTT the competition, our customers, ourselves!

3807) It's not just “I can” ... it's "I will!"

3808) Successful entrepreneurs have an ability to assemble and motivate a business team. [Thank you, Lynda Applegate]

3809) Entrepreneurial Myth: Many start-ups achieve the sales growth projections that equity investors are looking for ... not even close. [Thank you, Scott Shane]

3810) Nothing is as easy as it looks.

3811) A good business plan identifies significant risks and proposes rational contingencies. [Thank you, FoodChange]

3812) Stop the run, create turnovers, and eliminate big plays ... once we do that, we'll be fine. [Thank you, Bradie James]

3813) If we would persuade, we must appeal to interest rather than intellect. [Thank you, Benjamin Franklin]

3814) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are futuristic.

3815) Sometimes we see "brands" on the balance sheet ... sometimes we don't! [Thank you, Economist]

3816) Successful teams have complementary skills and collaborate styles.

3817) Visualize success ... what do we see? ... what do we need to do to get there?

3818) Take the bull by the horns ... don't let go 'cause that bull will rip us to pieces!

3819) Be spontaneous and imaginative.

3820) Every path leads two ways. [Thank you, Paul Fahring]

3821) Legal, moral, and ethical ... what should we focus on today?

3822) Limits must be tested ... high and low, up and down, top and bottom.

3823) Sing it loud for all to hear ... don't be shy about telling the world about what we have to offer! [Thank you, Buddy the Elf]

3824) They may forget what we said, but they will never forget how we made them feel. [Thank you, Carl W Buechner]

3825) Total Addressable Market (TAM): the total potential market for a product or service, measured in dollars of revenue per year.

3826) What we (hopefully don't) have here is a failure to communicate. [Thank you, Strother Martin]

3827) If we see a bandwagon, it’s too late. [Thank you, James Goldsmith]

3828) Show our customers we're there for them, because we are.

3829) Find our true passion. What puts a smile on our face? What do we find easy? What sparks our creativity? What would we do for free? What do we like to talk about? What makes us unafraid of failure? What would we regret not having tried?. [Thank you, Frederic Premji]

3830) What sparks your creativity?. [Thank you, Frederic Premji]

3831) Promote our venture with print advertising? What will happen then?

3832) Can we lead? Can we follow? Can we support the team?

3833) The markets will fluctuate. [Thank you, J P Morgan]

3834) Don't lie, especially to that person in the mirror ... if we tell the truth, we won't have to try to remember what we said before.

3835) Try not to make stupid mistakes; only very clever ones! John Peel. [Thank you, John Peel]

3836) Common cause of venture death: intellectual property issues.

3837) Most people who begin the process of starting a company fail to get one up and running. [Thank you, Scott Shane]

3838) Memory is more indelible than ink. [Thank you, Anita Loos]

3839) Serial Entrepreneur: someone who starts multiple businesses ... (as opposed to a cereal entrepreneur in the breakfast food business).

3840) Give a name to all major projects; it gives everyone an easy way to refer to a common set of goals. [Thank you, Bill Gates]

3841) Key question for our venture: What are the key differentiated features of our products or services?

3842) How to kill creativity, just say: "Why don't you write a report ..."

3843) Time teaches us all things.

3844) If our short-term liabilities exceed our short-term assets, we are bankrupt. [Thank you, Norm Brodsky]

3845) Intrapreneurs are often in trouble because they act when they are supposed to wait. [Thank you, Gifford Pinchot]

3846) Treat customers as appreciating assets.

3847) Reach out and touch someone ... see how we can help them.

3848) The difference between genius and stupidity is that genius has its limits. [Thank you, Albert Einstein]

3849) Pretend we don't know anything ... then go out and learn.

3850) Customers don't care about functions or specific activities that occur within our organization ... the end game is whether they are getting the right product at the right time at the right price. [Thank you, Max Guinn]

3851) Promote our venture with enthusiast magazines.

3852) Serendipity strikes when we may least expect it ... are we ready to catch it when it hits?

3853) Have fun ... beats being miserable!

3854) The trouble with doing something right the first time is that nobody appreciates how difficult it was. [Thank you, Walt West]

3855) Scale: the relative size or extent of something ... scaling a venture by expanding the customer base ... geographically, demographically, psychographically.

3856) We'll do small things well.

3857) Successful teams are full of energy.

3858) Experience teaches only the teachable. [Thank you, Aldous Huxley]

3859) How can we answer this question: Is our venture scalable?.

3860) Set a good example.

3861) Venture Capital: capital invested in a project in which there is a substantial element of risk but the potential of a significant financial reward ...

3862) Make eye contact.

3863) Some people can compress the most words into the smallest ideas. [Thank you, Abraham Lincoln]

3864) Use a round number when we are talking theoretically, and a hard number when we are presenting hard data ... theoretical: “Make $100,000 as a professional massage therapist.” ... hard data: “Last year Henry earned $103,287.45 in his massage therapy practice.” . [Thank you, Ugur Akinci]

3865) There is no dress rehearsal ... this is it.

3866) Strategy is all about winning ... what is “winning” to us? Different strokes for different folks.

3867) Key question for our venture: When is a business venture plan finished? ... A: Always and never ... a plan should always be ready to go, but a plan should also evolve over time.

3868) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are willing and able to make decisions.

3869) How can we answer this question: In our market space, are we the benefits-leader, the low-price-leader, or both? ... "both" is hard to do but hard to beat!

3870) Prepare and someday our time will come.

3871) If we don't know what we're good at, how will we know what we're good for?

3872) Know when to cut our losses. [Thank you, Warren Buffett]

3873) How to kill creativity, just say: "That's a dumb question ..."

3874) Always shave a day off every deadline we're given. [Thank you, John Darley]

3875) It is amazing how much good we can do if we do not care who gets the credit ... one for all, all for one ... we are the team!

3876) People tend to believe what they least understand. [Thank you, P T Barnum]

3877) We can never offer our customers too many benefits ... we should not assume we know which ones will be most important to them ...

3878) We'll always find time to do the things we really want to do ... not always the things we need to do.

3879) Only entropy (lack of order or predictability) comes easy.

3880) Potential venture legal issue: Failing to make a timely Section 83(b) election. [Thank you, Connie Bagley]

3881) Direct or Scenic ... what should we focus on today?

3882) Don't put all our eggs in one basket ... product, customer, supplier, et alia.

3883) Make decisions not because they are easy, cheap, or popular ... make them because they are right!

3884) Focus on markets that have enough potential to support our venture.

3885) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are productive ...

3886) The best way to find out if we can trust somebody is to trust them. [Thank you, Ernest Hemingway]

3887) Gain or Loss ... what should we focus on today?

3888) Engineer: a skillful creator of something.

3889) Keep our word, even to our enemies.

3890) Research, ideation, feasibility, vision, mission, goals, objectives, strategies, tactics, tasks, assignments.

3891) Promote our venture with customer newsletters.

3892) I'm OK, you're OK, we're OK ... that's a whole lot better than if one or all of us is not. [Thank you, Thomas A Harris]

3893) Key question for our venture: What is our public relations strategy?

3894) We are judged by what we finish, not by what we start. Starting a new venture is easy, it's finishing successfully that's hard.

3895) No words ever spoken to us should change the way we feel about ourselves ... we are in control of our own destiny!

3896) Don't ask for money before we know for what, where, and when it is going to used ... create a "use of funds" schedule so we have some idea what we need and how much it's going to cost.

3897) Key question for our venture: Do we have a good loyal customer base? ... how can we get some good loyal customers?

3898) Keep an open mind ... and an open heart.

3899) Change our routines to shake things up a bit.

3900) What do customers like to talk about? ... Talk about it with them!

3901) Ask lots of questions, don't presume to know the answers.

3902) Hire the best, then delegate ... let them do what we hired them to do!

3903) B2G: abbreviation for a Business-to-Government relationship.

3904) We can know a lot about something, but not really understand it ... like gravity. [Thank you, C F Kettering]

3905) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are stimulated by variety.

3906) An ounce of prevention can save us from having to walk through a pound of manure.

3907) Focus on a few things, not many.

3908) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are proud of what they do and what they've done.

3909) Key question for our venture: How can we research our competition? ... what do we really, really need to know about them?

3910) Indirect price: additional costs of buying something (examples: maintenance costs, fuel costs, etc)

3911) Without a deadline, I wouldn’t do nothing, baby. [Thank you, Duke Ellington]

3912) Business plan competitions: the best venture does not always win.

3913) There's no one side to anything.

3914) Time is the scarcest resource and must be carefully managed. [Thank you, Peter F Drucker]

3915) Engineering is the improvement of what is; innovation is the destruction of what is! [Thank you, Dick Morley]

3916) Try to see our customer's point of view first.

3917) Marketing is too important to be left to the marketing department. [Thank you, David Packard]

3918) Keep our desks neat.

3919) Exercise: List 10 things we could do better in our venture, then do them.

3920) Prototype: a first, typical or preliminary model of something, especially a machine, from which other forms are developed or copied.

3921) Understand the power of touch ... be it a great handshake, hug, or arm squeeze.

3922) If we run after two roadrunners, we won't catch either ... We have to focus on our Plan A; we can't get distracted or we'll misutilize our most valuable resource, time! [Thank you, Wile E Coyote]

3923) Successful Innovators and entrepreneurs know how to focus on the idea today. [Thank you, Patricia G Greene]

3924) Picking a name for our venture, company, product, or service is one of the hardest things we'll ever do ... the name should be distinctive, instantly recognized, easy to remember, pleasant to see, pleasant to say, and easy to spell, not confusing itself and not be easily confused with other names ... there should be a connection between the name and the product, service, or business venture it represents ... the name should suggest what the business venture, product, or service does ... the name should be descriptive of the benefits offered by the product, service, or business venture ... the name should convey the proper image, fit customers expectations, and even reinforce customer expectations ... there should not be any negative connotations with the name ... the name should not be limiting ... the name should coordinate with other names used in the organization, work in all target markets, and be able to be legally protected.

3925) Key question for our venture: What business are we in? ... what business should we be in?

3926) A-class people hire A-class people ... B-class people hire C-class people.

3927) Venture Planning Checklist: A] Market / Industry Attractiveness: Problems to Be Addressed; Industry and Environment; Potential Competitive Advantages ... B] Product Market Fit: Prospective Customers; Potential Solutions ... C] Go To Market / Customer Acquisition Strategy; Marketing Strategies; Sales Strategies ... D] Operating Plan; Production Operations; Team ... E] Financial Viability; Financial Objectives; Funding Proposal ... F] Business Model: Business Model Canvas; Status Timeline; Additional Venture Values; Scope and Scale.

3928) Cloudy or Sunny ... what's our disposition today?

3929) Mistakes are opportunities to learn.

3930) Time is money. [Thank you, Benjamin Franklin]

3931) Everything we write is copyrighted, automatically, by law. But to solidify your rights, register your creation with the Library of Congress (US).

3932) Efficiency is doing things right ... effectiveness is doing the right things. [Thank you, Peter Drucker]

3933) Sink or Swim ... what should we focus on today?

3934) All the advice and wisdom cannot help us until we apply it!

3935) Cash is king, and there is never enough.

3936) Promote our venture with national newspapers.

3937) Zero defects ... so we don't have to make it all over again!

3938) If we're not criticized, we might not be doing much.

3939) Don't lose the substance by grasping at the shadow.

3940) The brand is the essence of the company. [Thank you, Julie McHenry]

3941) Promote our venture with buttons and see who pushes them!

3942) I am always doing that which I cannot do in order that I may learn how to do it. [Thank you, Pablo Picasso]

3943) Show enthusiasm even when you don't feel like it ... it's a good habit to grow.

3944) We can't just ask customers what they want and then try to give it to them ... by the time we get it built, they'll want something else! [Thank you, Steve Jobs]

3945) Customers get into a rut that makes them resistant to change. [Thank you, Gary Gesme]

3946) Heredity or environment? ... were we born to innovate or were we in the right place with the right people, or perhaps a combination?

3947) Avoid jargon ... make sure the language we talk is the same as they understand!

3948) Use the most recent data we can find.

3949) Faith can move mountains ... innovation and entrepreneurship can turn mountains into ski resorts.

3950) Sometimes push our luck.

3951) The future is something which everyone reaches at the rate of sixty minutes an hour, whatever they do, whoever they are. [Thank you, C S Lewis]

3952) Assume: making an ass out of u and me.

3953) The truth is powerful. [Thank you, New York Times]

3954) Stay on your toes ... follow your nose.

3955) People love to buy ... what people don’t love is to be cheated or tricked. [Thank you, Dean Rieck]

3956) Six-word formula for success: think things through, then follow through. [Thank you, Eddie Rickenbacker]

3957) Prepare a list of questions before asking for advice.

3958) There is no knowledge that is not power. [Thank you, Ralph Waldo Emerson]

3959) Nascent Market: a very new, formative market in which vendors sell their products or services to early adopter customers.

3960) Courtesy and kindness never goes out of style.

3961) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are good decision makers.

3962) Make meetings 15 minutes shorter than needed. [Thank you, Todd Adams]

3963) Build a working prototype ... a picture may be worth a thousand words, but a prototype is worth a thousand pictures.

3964) Stand firm on our beliefs and principles. [Thank you, Walt Disney]

3965) Never tell people how to do things ... tell them what to do and let them surprise us with their ingenuity. [Thank you, George S Patton]

3966) Information is pretty thin stuff, unless mixed with experience. [Thank you, Clarence Day]

3967) Keep your head when those around you are losing theirs. If you lose your head, find it quickly and screw it back on!

3968) Surf the big waves.

3969) Successful innovators and entrepreneurs have resilience.

3970) Don't run out of cash ... no cash, game over. It's called bankruptcy.

3971) Corporate entrepreneur credo: It is easier to ask for forgiveness than for permission. [Thank you, Gifford Pinchot III]

3972) Praise every improvement, even the small ones.

3973) Traits of leaders who are good at executing: achiever, arranger, believer, consistent, deliberate, disciplined, focused, responsible, and restorative. [Thank you, Gallup]

3974) Out of every 10 venture capital deals, two will fail, six will continue to go along, and the other two deals are where they make some money. [Thank you, Stephen Lund]

3975) Sometimes, when we reach for the stars, we fall short ... but we must pick ourselves up again and press on, despite the pain. [Thank you, Ronald Reagan]

3976) Reflection is a critical skill for innovators and entrepreneurs. [Thank you, P G Greene]

3977) Venture capital investments in the US by region: Bay Area: 33% ... Southern California: 14% ... New England: 11% ... New York Metro: 9% ... Washington State & Potomac (tie): 4% ... Texas: 3% ... Research Triangle: 2% ... All Other US: 20%. [Thank you, Dow Jones]

3978) Don't carry grudges ... get over it and get on with life.

3979) Promote our venture by posting to social media.

3980) Tip for creating a good venture plan: Provide a detailed description of all revenue streams (product sales, advertising, services, licensing) and the company's cost structure (salaries, rent, inventory, maintenance).

3981) My advice is free ... and worth every cent! [Thank you, James Arnold]

3982) List our costs of doing business ... how can we control them?

3983) Businesses are dying and being created constantly ... this is a healthy process. [Thank you, Andrew Corbett]

3984) The whole ocean is made up of little drops.

3985) It’s useless doing something efficient that shouldn't be done at all. [Thank you, Peter F Drucker]

3986) How can we answer this question: Can we sell our products directly to consumers?

3987) Curiosity killed the cat, profits from the new opportunity found and exploited bought a new cat ... a bigger, better cat at that!

3988) Don't make a decision until all sides are heard.

3989) The power to decimate and destroy is a lot easier than the energy it takes to build. [Thank you, Dan Rather]

3990) A new venture may be feasible if it fills a need.

3991) Someone who thinks logically provides a nice contrast to the real world. [Thank you, Lori Monserrate]

3992) Everything is changing ... people are taking their comedians seriously and the politicians as a joke. [Thank you, Will Rogers]

3993) Instead of creating financial projections, create financial objectives.

3994) High achievers are magnets for work.

3995) Nothing happens until something is sold.

3996) Eat smaller portions ... chew longer before taking another bite so you don't choke.

3997) Exceed the minimum standards ... do more than expected.

3998) Beware puffuderry ... and fudduderry, too.

3999) Think about the problem in a new way. [Suppose the problem was encapsulated in a chocolate-covered herring under a pink umbrella?]

4000) Learning and unlearning is critical in any path we choose to walk on.

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