Tips 4001 to 4500 for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

4001) Take reasonable risks for relevant reasons and rational returns.

4002) Don't overstay our welcome ... it's like an over-attentive waiter.

4003) Debt allows entrepreneurs to retain full ownership of the company, while equity entails giving ownership to outside investors. [Thank you, Andrew Zacharakis]

4004) Good marketing communications fits the target market, has an effective message, and is repeated.

4005) Be nimble, be quick, jump over the candlestick before the competition ... and be careful not to get our butt burned in the process!

4006) Keep work about work. [Thank you, InsideCRM]

4007) Successful teams provide performance feedback to each other.

4008) Key question for our venture: Why is our team uniquely capable to execute our venture plan?

4009) Simply elegant ... that is the ultimate design goal.

4010) Keep our venture simple ... the world is already complex.

4011) Improvisation is a group activity ... support the group to the end.

4012) If at first we don't succeed ... try, try again! And again. And again and again. [Thank you, William Edward Hickson]

4013) Can we promote our venture on the radio?

4014) Tool or Weapon ... what should we focus on today?

4015) Ads with people in them typically have a higher response rate than those without ... cute, friendly animals are good, too!

4016) Every person is born with a talent ... but not every person is born with the same talent, thank goodness!

4017) If someone is trying to bring us down, it means we're above them.

4018) Good questions outrank easy answers. [Thank you, Paul A Samuelson]

4019) Good cooks learn something new every day. [Thank you, Julia Child]

4020) Your opinion is no better than mine ... but if you have more data, knowledge, or expertise, bring it on!

4021) Opportunity: a set of circumstances that makes it possible to do something.

4022) Value Equation: Value equals Benefits divided by Price (V = B/P) ... the more benefits, the greater the value for a given price; the lower the price, the greater the value for a given set of benefits. The quick and dirty way to increase value is to lower the price ... it's called a "SALE!"

4023) Work hard but work smart. [Thank you, Adonis Trujillo]

4024) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are able to handle abstractness.

4025) Successful teams can handle pressure.

4026) Listen to music ... sing a song, play along, create your own little ditty!

4027) Pretty is great ... easy is better (referring to product benefits and features)!

4028) Fight as if we are right, listen as if we are wrong. [Thank you, Karl Weick]

4029) Sharply differentiate our brand.

4030) Nobody cares ... do it because we want to do it! [Thank you, Marris Bloomberg]

4031) Apply the scientific method ... Ask a question; Do background research; Construct a hypothesis; Test the hypothesis by doing an experiment; Analyze the data from the experiment and draw a conclusion; Communicate the result; Decide what to do next (move on, start over, move over ...)

4032) FFFFF: abbreviation for Fit, Form, Function, Features, Feel ... five fundamentals of product design and development.

4033) Successful innovators and entrepreneurs can find a balance between science and art, logic and imagination. [Thank you, Michael J Gelb]

4034) A venture operations manual defines authority clearly and distributes responsibility.

4035) Happiness is a positive cash flow!

4036) Nothing ventured, nothing gained ... nothing gained, nothing to venture in the future.

4037) Don't write a tome when a word or two will do.

4038) Make our own future.

4039) We won't get rich with just one big win ... we gotta keep playing' the game!

4040) The one that listens is the one that understands. [Thank you, Albert Einstein]

4041) How can we answer this question: What is our desired impact on the world? ... our part of the world?

4042) Don't be a good starter but a bad finisher.

4043) Everybody is ignorant, only on different subjects. [Thank you, Will Rogers]

4044) When we make a mistake in front of our customers, it's a great opportunity to shine in their eyes when we make up for it ten-fold.

4045) How to attract new customers: offer current satisfied customers rewards for telling their friends for referrals.

4046) We can't know everything ... we won't know everything ... our best judgment will be the key.

4047) Speak with integrity.

4048) We can lead a horse to water but a pencil must be lead.

4049) Let others think it is theirs.

4050) Technology innovation and commercialization is inherently an iterative process where the innovator-entrepreneur learns from mistakes and builds on that learning. [Thank you, Kathleen Allen]

4051) There’s no place like home. [Thank you, Dorothy]

4052) Experiments are by their very nature prone to failure, but a few big successes compensate for dozens and dozens of things that didn't work. [Thank you, Jeff Bezos]

4053) The best way to have a good idea is to have lots of ideas. [Thank you, Linus Pauling]

4054) If we don't know the answer, where can we find out? ... We'll never know everything, but that shouldn't stop us from trying!

4055) Wisdom is knowing where to look and what to overlook.

4056) Send a thank-you note.

4057) The food for thought is thinking.

4058) Know our audience, give them what they need, want, desire.

4059) Successful teams share work expectations.

4060) The greatest challenge to any thinker is stating the problem in a way that will allow a solution. [Thank you, Bertrand Russell]

4061) Customer retention costs, but it's a good investment.

4062) Promote our venture on video displays in shopping malls.

4063) Quidquid latine dictum sit, altum sonatur! ... (Whatever is said in Latin sounds profound!)

4064) Don't let them scare us ... unless they're really big and ugly, then run away as fast as we can!

4065) Time is more valuable than money. Money can be replaced, time cannot.

4066) Only the paranoid survive. [Thank you, Andy Grove]

4067) Can we promote our venture with hot air balloons?

4068) Try new things, see if they fit.

4069) Truths last forever ... but that doesn't make them easy to find.

4070) The show must go on ... our audience is waiting. [Thank you, P T Barnum]

4071) Pull: move steadily in a specified direction.

4072) Don't get cocky. (Corollary to Murphy's Law)

4073) Hofstadter's Law: It always takes longer than we expect, even when we take into account Hofstadter's Law. [Thank you, Douglas Hofstadter]

4074) The most unhappy customers are the greatest source of learning. [Thank you, Bill Gates]

4075) Be open to the new and different.

4076) The better value wins.

4077) Go for the low hanging fruit first.

4078) Early to bed, early to rise, work like hell, and advertise. [Thank you, Ted Turner]

4079) Pricing strategies ... "Get big fast" low price, cost-based, competitive-pricing, perceived value. [Thank you, William Bygrave]

4080) If we don't want to see trees, stay out of the forest.

4081) Do or do not ... there is no try. [Thank you, Yoda]

4082) The idea doesn't have to be big ... it just has to change our part of the world ... glue that wouldn't stick very well wasn't such a big deal until it became the magic ingredient of 3M Post-it Notes. [Thank you, Spencer Silver]

4083) Become the moment.

4084) Be someone to somebody.

4085) The key to our long-term success is learning how to continually add value. [Thank you, Andy Grove]

4086) Don't dilute our efforts ... the easy things always seem to get in the way of the hard.

4087) Key question for our venture: How do our prices compare with the rest of the industry? How does our value proposition compare?

4088) Entertain our customers to keep them focused on our products and services. At Subway, they prepare the products right in front of the customer, with the customer's assistance, engaging the customer as part of their service.

4089) Exorcise your mind of all that is bad within it.

4090) There is a sucker born every minute ... hopefully not one of us!

4091) Key question for our venture: What have we learned from our competitors' strengths?

4092) The best time to make friends is before we need them.

4093) The details are not the design ... the details make the design. [Thank you, Charles Earnes]

4094) Promote our venture with grand opening/anniversary celebrations.

4095) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are realistic. No BS, boys and girls.

4096) No happiness without action. [Thank you, C Narvasa]

4097) Key question for our venture: Is our venture, product, and/or service name distinctive?

4098) The mind is not a storehouse to be filled but an instrument to be used. [Thank you, John Gardner]

4099) We are a combination of heredity and environment ... we can't change heredity but it's open season on environment!

4100) A good business plan presents evidence of the marketability of the products and services. [Thank you, Mark Peterson]

4101) Divide the number 100 by the forward speed of a storm to estimate the inches of rain the storm will deliver. [Thank you, National Hurricane Center]

4102) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are confident they're doing the right things for the right reasons.

4103) If we discover we're on the wrong path, turn around ... go back to the beginning and choose a different route!

4104) What is quickly done may take some time to undo, so let's do it right from the beginning.

4105) Times change and we with time. Time heals all wounds.

4106) Pick a niche and dominate it!

4107) Hats: used to refer to a particular role or occupation of someone who has more than one job ... what hats is she wearing, and for how long?

4108) It could be a good opportunity if our team is passionate and persistent and persevering.

4109) We've all heard that a million monkeys banging on a million typewriters will eventually reproduce the works of Shakespeare ... now, thanks to the Internet, we know this is not true. [Thank you, Robert Wilensky]

4110) A phone directory is full of facts, but it doesn't illuminate our thinking.

4111) Numbers run a business ... if we don't know how to read and interpret them, we're running blind. [Thank you, Norm Brodsky]

4112) Streamline our process of getting new products to market.

4113) Alone we can do so little ... together we can do so much! [Thank you, Helen Keller]

4114) A good leader is also a good follower ... and knows when to do which. [Thank you, Mat Friedman]

4115) Elevator pitch content: tell them who we are, tell them what we do, tell them where we do what we do (geography of our markets), tell them when we do what we do, tell them why we do it (our mission, our venture goals), and how we do what we do (our "secret sauce" without revealing our secret ingredients) ...

4116) How can we best promote our venture with the internet? We most certainly need a website. What do we include on it?

4117) Cash ... there is never enough! Cash is king. If we run out of cash, we are bankrupt ... kaput, out of business, fini.

4118) Can we promote our venture with telephone hold messages?

4119) Look out for the future ... it's a comin', it's a comin'!

4120) Parent - Adult - Child ... at what level are we communicating with others? Parent: dominant, bossy. Child: playful, immature. Adult: deliberate, tempered. Try a personal Transactional Analysis: Is our interaction like a Parent communicating with a Child? Like a Child communicating with another Child? Parent to Parent? Or are we communicating Adult to Adult, on par, civilized, respectfully? [Thank you, Thomas A Harris]

4121) No matter what we want to do, someone else has done it ... find out what worked, what didn't work, then let's do it better!

4122) The eight C’s of an effective elevator pitch: Concise, Clear, Compelling, Credible, Conceptual, Concrete, Customized, Consistent. [Thank you, Chris O'Leary]

4123) The FUD Factor: abbreviation for Fear, Uncertainty, and Doubt ... a method by which one vendor raises concerns in the mind of a prospective customer regarding certain qualities or capabilities of the vendor’s competitors.

4124) Bad weather can ruin the best-laid plans ... we need to pay attention to the environments in which we operate to see how the wind blows in each.

4125) A gift to your enemy: forgiveness. [Thank you, Oren Arnold]

4126) Aim for excellence, not perfection ... We can likely achieve excellence, likely not perfection.

4127) Change is a challenge for the courageous.

4128) Know where the exits are located before the show begins.

4129) Repeat what works, put to rest what doesn't. [Thank you, Steve Wood]

4130) Make sure it gets done before it's gone.

4131) Basic Venture Resources: People, Places, Things, Time, Money.

4132) Don't bite off more than we can chew ... else, we could choke to death. (That's not a pleasant thought.)

4133) It could be a good opportunity if our solution has better and sustainable benefits for the customers.

4134) Come to the point ... don't ramble.

4135) The experience of success may stifle creativity by leading people to focus narrowly on existing solutions rather than exploring new ones. [Thank you, P G Audia]

4136) The only difference between a problem and a solution is that people understand the solution. [Thank you, Charles Kettering]

4137) Study hard ... get smart. Study harder ... get smarter.

4138) Product Development: the process of designing, creating or updating, marketing, and providing a product to a target market.

4139) Save early, save often ... a dollar saved is like ten dollars earned!

4140) Success is relative ... what does "success" mean to us?

4141) Only those asleep make no mistakes. [Thank you, Ingvar Kamprad]

4142) A day without laughter is a day wasted. [Thank you, Steve Martin]

4143) We may have to go out of town to find funding for our venture ... look for investors not just by geography but by interest, knowledge, and expertise in our industry.

4144) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are sociable.

4145) Effective leaders make the right things happen. [Thank you, Roger Kirkham]

4146) Should we promote our venture with signage at sporting events?

4147) Postmortems on defeats are never very useful unless they say something about the future. [Thank you, James Reston]

4148) Whenever man comes up with a better mousetrap, nature immediately comes up with a better mouse. [Thank you, James Carswell]

4149) Feel the music as well as hear it.

4150) If everything's coming our way, maybe we're in the wrong lane. [Thank you, Mario Andretti]

4151) Change brings opportunities, opportunities bring change.

4152) Nyuk, nyuk, nyuk! Sometimes we just gotta nyuk! [Thank you, Curly Howard]

4153) Any clown can complain, criticize, and condemn, but it takes character and control to be compassionate and caring. [Thank you, Dale Carnegie]

4154) Write a resume for our venture ... how can we put our best foot forward?

4155) Key question: Where and how can we find funding for our venture?

4156) The difference between a successful person and others is not a lack of strength, not a lack of knowledge, but rather a lack of will. [Thank you, Vince Lombardi]

4157) Key question for our venture: What companies are the industry leaders, and why?

4158) Better: a more excellent or effective type or quality.

4159) There is no finish line. [Thank you, Nike]

4160) Change will come, ready or not ... be forewarned!

4161) Catalog theory: test it out in the catalog, throw out those products that don't generate significant revenue, add new ones in their place.

4162) If we don't risk anything, we risk even more. [Thank you, Erica Jong]

4163) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are independent thinkers.

4164) Fake it ‘til we make it. [Thank you, Emre Toker]

4165) We can learn anything we want.

4166) To kill creativity, just say, "I don't like it ..." when someone else comes up with a new idea.

4167) We will never forget our first love ... in life and in business!

4168) Develop a hypothesis ... then test it to see if it is true or false.

4169) No risk, no results, no reward.

4170) Winners never quit, quitters never win. [Thank you, Vince Lombardi]

4171) Make something significant ... even if the something is small.

4172) Children are better observers than adults ... they have far fewer preconceptions.

4173) Think first ... then act! It's ready, aim, shoot ... not shoot, ready, aim! [Sorry, Dick Cheney]

4174) Customers buy for benefits and value ... the best combination of benefits and price. Some customers shop benefits first, price second; some customers shop price first, benefits second.

4175) Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex ... it takes a touch of genius and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction. [Thank you, Albert Einstein]

4176) If you have to whisper it, better not say it in the first place.

4177) Gravity sucks ... energy blows! (Thank you, Basics of Physics)

4178) Innovation is the distinction between a leader and a follower. [Thank you, Steve Jobs]

4179) It’s all about service. [Thank you, Dr Bob Lusch]

4180) Amateurs started Google, Apple, Microsoft, Facebook ... professionals built the Titanic.

4181) Just suppose we promote our venture with reminder advertising. What would happen?

4182) Every leader in charge of a P&L has to make innovation happen, even if the company lacks a culture of innovation. [Thank you, A G Lafley]

4183) A good management team is critical for success. [Thank you, Joe Broschak]

4184) Lead, with or without the title. [Thank you, Nelson Wang]

4185) Common Mistake: not comparing ourselves to comparable organizations to see how we fare. Let us be the best of the best.

4186) If we can't say something good, keep it to ourselves.

4187) If we aren't fired with enthusiasm, we'll be fired with enthusiasm. [Thank you, Vince Lombardi]

4188) Elevator Pitch: a short verbal summary used to quickly and simply define a venture, product, service, organization, or event, and its value proposition.

4189) See a world in a grain of sand and heaven in a wild flower. [Thank you, William Blake]

4190) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are able to communicate non-verbally.

4191) Executive Summary: a short document or section of a document that summarizes a longer report or proposal or a group of related reports in such a way that readers can rapidly become acquainted with a large body of material without having to read it all.

4192) A potential business model: Sell our products at wholesale.

4193) Have we clearly defined our company and our target markets?

4194) Most of what we fear won't happen ... some things we never thought of will!

4195) Desire for our neighbors what we desire for ourselves.

4196) Common bootstrapping strategy: use low-cost crowd-sourcing to acquire some cash to get going.

4197) Successful teams have members that trust each other.

4198) Remain cool, calm, and collected ... panic only if all else fails!

4199) Business planning starts when we start thinking about our new venture. [Thank you, Dan Kuz]

4200) Skate to where the puck is going, not to where it's been. [Thank you, Wayne Gretzky]

4201) Get our hands dirty ... sometimes we need to show that no one's above doing unattractive tasks.

4202) Innovation is the destruction of what is and replaced by what isn't.

4203) Alpha: an initial model of machinery, software, or other products carried out by a developer. Engineers create a breadboard prototype in the lab, then move to a more presentable alpha prototype that they are so embarrassed to show to others.

4204) There is no ‘I’ in TEAM.

4205) Freemium is not a business model, it's a marketing strategy ... we can give away samples to get prospective customers to try, but if they don't buy, it's over.

4206) Innovators are usually good at nonverbal processing.

4207) Finish ... if not, why did we bother to start in the first place?

4208) Achieving good performance is a journey, not a destination. [Thank you, Robert Lorber]

4209) What is well-planted will well-grow.

4210) What trends do we see for our industry in the future? Are we ready to go?

4211) Never ask the witness a question if we don't already know the answer. [Thank you, Trial Lawyers Everywhere]

4212) Promote our venture with home parties? What will come of it?

4213) Do everything for the right reasons.

4214) Take the high road ... the low road will just get us full of mud.

4215) Education sets us free.

4216) Common cause of venture death: poor marketing. Underestimating what it will take to attract and capture and retain customers is often underestimated.

4217) Meet our obligations ... do not lie, cheat, or steal.

4218) Life begins when we start to understand.

4219) A good read: Made to Stick (Chip Heath & Dan Heath)

4220) Key question for our venture: What are good benchmark ventures in our industry? What can we learn from them?

4221) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are self-starting, self-priming, self-regulating.

4222) Give our customers their money back if they are unhappy for any reason. [Thank you, Costco]

4223) Big changes need small starts.

4224) Startup: the action or process of setting something in motion. Once it's in motion, it's not a startup.

4225) Don't look back, someone might be gaining on us!

4226) Customer funding ... best source of funding for our venture is a sale! We get to keep the profit!

4227) Compliment others, and complement others.

4228) Profit: a financial gain, especially the difference between the amount earned and the amount spent in buying, operating, or producing something.

4229) Never offer our hen for sale on a rainy day. [Thank you, Sophie Novy]

4230) Some solutions are neither right nor wrong.

4231) Don't give in to whims or whimpers.

4232) We are confronted with insurmountable opportunities. [Thank you, Walt Kelly]

4233) Cut our losses.

4234) Management means knowing the difference between cornering people and getting them in our corner. [Thank you, Lee Iacocca]

4235) Key question for our venture: What kind of markets are we in?

4236) We either find a way or make one.

4237) Plans are only good intentions unless they degenerate into work. [Thank you, Peter F Drucker]

4238) Fun: amusing, entertaining, or enjoyable ... are we having fun yet?

4239) Create not criticize.

4240) Probably: with considerable certainty ... but still a chance it could go the other way. We'll probably make this work, yes?

4241) Act - Learn - Build ... act on something, learn what does and doesn't work, build something better. [Thank you, Christopher P Neck]

4242) Make herstory a good her story, not a bad one.

4243) The smallest gesture can mean much to those who may need a little lift in their lives. [Thank you, Gordon B Hinckley]

4244) Entrepreneurs are usually rational ... not always, just usually! On the other hand, we could argue that it is the irrational entrepreneur that changes the world!

4245) A good business plan shows an appreciation of investor needs. [Thank you, Bob Morrison]

4246) I will prepare and someday my chance will come. [Thank you, Abraham Lincoln]

4247) Don't let what we don’t know get in the way of what we do know.

4248) It is easy to be smart after the fact.

4249) Entrepreneurs put something new and better to work.

4250) When it comes to branding our business, keep it simple ... besides conserving our time and our budget, simplicity will cement our brand in the mind of our prospects in the most expedient manner possible. [Thank you, John Williams]

4251) We don't know what we don't know ... that's why taking a little test first can help us learn the direction we need to go.

4252) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are able to identify problems.

4253) Engineering: the branch of science and technology concerned with the design, building, and use of engines, machines, and structures.

4254) Look for what is missing ... should we fill in the holes?

4255) Paint a pretty picture, please ... show our venture to our customers in the very best light.

4256) There will always be resistance.

4257) All we need is love ... but a little chocolate now and then doesn't hurt ... and money. [Thank you, Charles M Schulz]

4258) If we think we're gonna get rich quick by starting a new venture, good luck! I hate to break the news here, but it is going to take time, money, skill, passion, and a good dose of luck!

4259) Promote our venture with packaging ...

4260) A little spark can kindle a great fire ... but be careful: only you can prevent forest fires! [Thank you, Smokey the Bear]

4261) Customer discovery, customer validation, customer building, company creation ... finding the customer comes before finding a solution.

4262) More facts, not fiction. [Thank you, Michael Bassey Johnson]

4263) Sometimes big companies buy little companies because they want what they got ... and sometimes big companies buy little companies because they want what they got gone!

4264) Good industry research is critical to our success,

4265) Market Segmentation: the process of subdividing a market into distinct groups of customers with similar needs, such that a subset of the market. [Thank you, Google Dictionary]

4266) Common cause of venture death: poor timing.

4267) Focus on results.

4268) Do what we do best and stick with it.

4269) Don't argue with an idiot ... they'll drag us down to their level and beat us with experience. [Thank you, G Rivera]

4270) Risk without measurement is suicide ... analytics are a must. [Thank you, Ian Lurie]

4271) Be a You Betcha Buddy ... not a NoBody (someone who says "No" all the time!)

4272) Just because someone says something doesn't make it true!

4273) Do or Die ... if we don't do, we will die. We must continue to do something new and better.

4274) Be a good friend and a bad fiend.

4275) Key question for our venture: What does our venture do?

4276) There are lies, damn lies, and statistics. [Thank you, Benjamin Disraeli]

4277) Efficient: maximum productivity, minimum waste.

4278) Standard parts are not. [Thank you, Gordon Strang]

4279) Magic happens, but not very often ... when it does happen, put on a happy smile and take it to the bank!

4280) Promote our venture with network TV advertising.

4281) Don't over-analyze ... don't over-anything except maybe eggs for breakfast, and easy does it at that!

4282) Make it easy for first-time buyers ... they are doing something new and even if it is simple, it is still new to them.

4283) When writing our business plan, avoid empty claims ... if we say something is so, back it up in the next sentence with a statistic or fact or quote from a knowledgeable source that supports the claim. [Thank you, Kaye Vivian]

4284) A good read: Blue Ocean Strategy (W Chan Kim & Renee Mauborgne)

4285) Everyone is in sales. [Thank you, Harvey Mackay]

4286) Key question for our venture: Is our venture, product, and/or service name easy to remember?

4287) Pain: suffering or discomfort that may be an opportunity for a venture to solve.

4288) Key question for our venture: What is the venture's desired pre-money valuation? Why do we think it's worth that? Will investors agree with us?

4289) Awkward or Comfortable ... how do we want our customers to feel when they work with us?

4290) Zero in on our target ... then go for it!

4291) Timeline: a graphic representation of the passage of time showing key milestones along the way.

4292) Love is the triumph of imagination over intelligence. [Thank you, H L Mencken]

4293) When writing our business plan, avoid amateurish financial projections ... spend some money and get an accountant to do these for us ... they'll help us think through the financial side of our venture, plus put them into a standard business format that a business person expects. [Thank you, Kaye Vivian]

4294) The longest journey begins with the first step. [Thank you, Neil Armstrong]

4295) Go ahead, make my day. [Thank you, Clint Eastwood]

4296) Start with customers that are really excited about what we have to offer them. Friendly customers that really want what we currently have, warts and all.

4297) Laughter helps us recover quicker ... it's the quicker picker-upper.

4298) When products and services become largely indistinguishable, time becomes the only competitive advantage. [Thank you, Andy Grove]

4299) Invent just for the fun of it. Create something new, show it around and see if others think it's better (innovative).

4300) Competitive Advantage: a condition or circumstance that puts a venture in a favorable or superior business position.

4301) The more we know, the less we fear ... the more we help our customers, the less they will be scared.

4302) Napping can dramatically increase learning, memory, awareness, and more. [Thank you, HealthSpiritBody]

4303) New ways of thinking about familiar things can release new energies and make all manner of things possible. [Thank you, Charles Handy]

4304) The happiness in disagreeable work comes from getting it out of the way.

4305) Two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, but I'm not sure about the universe. [Thank you, Albert Einstein]

4306) Problem: a matter or situation regarded as unwelcome or harmful and needing to be dealt with and overcome. Business ventures survive and thrive by solving their customer's problems.

4307) Read between the lines. That's often the best part of the story.

4308) Eighty / Twenty Rule of Thumb: 20% of our products generate 80% of our revenue. [Thank you, Vilfredo Pareto]

4309) Genius is the ability to do something that nobody thought could be done at all.

4310) Often times there is a large gap between what the entrepreneur believes is valuable and what the target customer perceives. [Thank you, Andrew Zacharakis]

4311) Sell solutions, not just products. [Thank you, Klaus M Leisinger]

4312) Science is facts ... just as houses are made of stones, so is science made of facts ... but a pile of stones is not a house and a collection of facts is not necessarily science. [Thank you, Henri Poincare]

4313) The least flexible component of any system is the user. [Thank you, Jay Arthur]

4314) My mind's made up, don't confuse me with facts. Realize, please, that is how many customers think!

4315) To be successful, the first thing to do is fall in love with our work. [Thank you, Mary Lauretta]

4316) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are sensitive to the problems of others.

4317) What we must know about our competition: Who are our primary competitors? On what basis do we compete? What are our competitive positions? What are our respective market shares? What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses? What are their primary opportunities? How are they a threat to our venture? How do you compare to our competitors? Who are our future competitors? What strategic opportunities exist in the market? Can we collaborate rather than compete? What are the barriers to future competition? Who are the most likely future competitors?

4318) A potential business model: Provide financing so customers can buy our products over time.

4319) If we can’t beat ‘em, confuse ‘em ... apply this to how we might deal with our competition! [Thank you, Harry S Truman]

4320) Team: two or more people working together ... it takes a team to raise a venture.

4321) Don’t ask, don’t get ... and don't ask for what we can't possibly get either. [Thank you, Cliff Unger]

4322) Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence ... if we want our customers, suppliers, employees, partners to believe, let us always be upfront and honest. [Thank you, Carl Sagan]

4323) Answer trick questions with short answers. [Thank you, Mary Elizabeth Bradford]

4324) Waste nothing, want nothing ... (a good way for our venture to stay slim and trim!)

4325) The pessimist complains about the wind ... the optimist expects it to change ... the realist adjusts the sails. [Thank you, William Arthur Ward]

4326) Hire a credible spokesperson.

4327) Never go grocery shopping when you are hungry.

4328) Serenade serendipity.

4329) When we we've made a mistake, fix it fast.

4330) Some people entertain ideas, others put them to work. [Thank you, Maddy Truman]

4331) Id or Ego ... what should we focus on today?

4332) The best source of funding for our venture is revenue from sales of our products and services. Let us become self-funding and self-sustaining as soon as we can. Then, additional funding is for growth, not survival!

4333) Don't panic ... emotions should not replace rational thinking.

4334) We cannot make people care about something ... the decision to care is theirs. We can, however, give them reasons.

4335) Mental Error: "Everyone in the world will want our product!" ... No, no, no, they will not ... some will, yes; more likely most will not ...

4336) Believe we have no barriers ... but bring some big ladders, just in case!

4337) Gross margins of 40% are a good benchmark that distinguishes more attractive from less attractive opportunities. [Thank you, Andrew Corbett]

4338) Do not believe everything we hear ... or see, for that matter!

4339) Continue to grow and evolve.

4340) A complex system that works evolved from a simple system that worked. [Thank you, John Gail]

4341) Innovation is the best way to win ... it puts us ahead of the game.

4342) Combine ... What can we combine or bring together somehow? How about a blend, an alloy, an assortment, an ensemble? Combine units? Combine purposes? Combine appeals? Combine ideas? ... "I can bring together ... and ... to ..."

4343) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are able to build on the strengths of others.

4344) Dare to innovate. [Thank you, Sue Factor]

4345) Help: make it easier to do something ... we should always help our customers.

4346) Guidelines for creating financial objectives: Stay on the conservative side; Be honest in estimating what could be accomplished; Follow the industry norms; Model our numbers after a successful benchmark venture; Be consistent!

4347) If we love what we do, it’s not work.

4348) Successful teams listen to each other, politely, respectfully, with an open mind.

4349) The ability to learn and pivot faster than our competitors may be our only sustainable competitive advantage. [Thank you, Arie De Geus]

4350) The guiding principle is that we are writing a story, and all good stories have a theme ... a unifying thread that ties the setting, characters, and plot together. [Thank you, Andrew Corbett]

4351) Successful innovators and entrepreneurs know how to absorb affordable losses. [Thank you, Candida G Brush]

4352) Fair is fair.

4353) There’s always fleas; we've gotta concentrate on the dog. [Thank you, Pepper Schwartz]

4354) The necessity of producing is the enemy of the desire to create. [Thank you, Raoul Vaneigem]

4355) Put an old product in a new package. [I get such a kick out of Tide, the laundry detergent: New! Tide! (box) ... the Tide's not new, the box is new!]

4356) A good idea is surrounded by risk. [Thank you, Ken Abbott]

4357) 1 + 1 = 3 ... the effect of teamwork ... two together can do more than two apart. [Thank you, Jonas Otter]

4358) Conjoint Analysis: a statistical technique used in market research to determine how people value different features that make up an individual product or service ...

4359) Focus on people their lives, their work, their dreams. [Thank you, Google]

4360) Can we promote our venture with personal letters to prospective customers?

4361) First Mover Advantage: the advantage gained by the initial ("first-moving") significant occupant of a market segment.

4362) Research & Development: work directed toward the creation, innovation, improvement, and introduction of products and processes.

4363) We only live once ... let's make the very best of it!

4364) Types of expenses: Cost of Goods Sold, Operating Expenses, Interest Expense, Tax Expenses, Depreciation Expenses, Amortization Expenses.

4365) Needs or Wants or Desires ... what should we focus on today?

4366) Common cause of venture death: inferior revenue model!

4367) Ignorance never settles a question. [Thank you, Benjamin Disraeli]

4368) Enjoy ourselves. Have fun doing what we do.

4369) Can we promote our venture with Twitter?

4370) We've got a two-front war new product, new markets.

4371) If we run it up the flagpole and no one salutes, find a new flag ... or a new flagpole!

4372) Fools ignore complexity, pragmatists suffer it, geniuses remove it .... [Thank you, Alan Perlis via Joe Driear]

4373) It all begins with an idea.

4374) Innovators are often good at music and art ... and musicians and artists are often innovative.

4375) A committee is like a cul-de-sac down which ideas are lured, then quietly strangled. [Thank you, Barrett Cocks]

4376) Take notes ... capture our thoughts, ideas, information, opportunities, leads, clues, hints, suggestions, recommendations, information.

4377) People like people who complement them ... and compliment them.

4378) Timing is critical ... the same idea can have different fates. [Thank you, Jerry Kaplan]

4379) Excellerate and accelerate.

4380) Exploration and ideation ... the earliest stages of venture development. They're iterative, back and forth, roundabout.

4381) To kill creativity, just say: "You're going to fail ..."

4382) If we can't explain it simply, we don't understand it well enough. [Thank you, Albert Einstein]

4383) A little word of encouragement after a failure is worth more than a big heap of praise after a success. [Thank you, Baseball Life]

4384) Deliver a better value to a profitable niche market. [Thank you, Michael Porter]

4385) A business plan is a formal document that provides background and financial information about the venture, the goals and objectives and how the management team intends to reach them. [Thank you, Webb Smith]

4386) Make a difference to colleagues. [Thank you, InsideCRM]

4387) Don't get off the ladder before we reach the ground.

4388) Interact closely with customers. [Thank you, S A Buckler]

4389) Do what we do best, contract the rest ... focus on our core competencies first and foremost.

4390) Generalists and specialists, need ‘em both!

4391) How to retain customers: offer discounts for additional purchases: "Thanks for shopping with us today, here's a coupon good for 20% off the next time you stop in."

4392) Sell, sell, sell.

4393) Avoid cliches and trite phrases. All that glitters isn't gold.

4394) Someone else has already thought of it ... lucky for us, only 1 in 100 will act on it. That one outta be us!

4395) Pictures or Paragraphs ... what should we focus on today?

4396) Great Big City or Little Bitty Town ... what should we focus on today?

4397) Play the hand that’s dealt us ... but if we don't like the game, kick over the table!

4398) Since Time is not a person we can overtake when he is gone, let us honor him with mirth and cheerfulness of heart while he is passing. [Thank you, Johann Wolfgang von Goethe]

4399) Hold our vision of success clearly in mind. Share the vision throughout our venture.

4400) Nothing great was ever achieved without enthusiasm. [Thank you, Ralph Waldo Emerson]

4401) To gain experience, we have to get out the building and onto the streets where our customers live.

4402) We may delay, but time will not. [Thank you, Benjamin Franklin]

4403) How to change our financial bottom line: change our target market ... hopefully for the better!

4404) As we think, so shall we be.

4405) Key question for our venture: Who owns our venture? What do they expect?

4406) Make data-driven decisions.

4407) Glory is fleeting, but obscurity is forever! [Thank you, Napoleon Bonaparte]

4408) Subcontract work and processes that are not our core competencies.

4409) To design something simple is very hard. [Thank you, Rick Yngve]

4410) Proactively seek new opportunities ...

4411) Think of problems not as stumbling blocks but as stepping-stones.

4412) Be spontaneous.

4413) Key question for our venture: What is the likely exit for our venture – IPO or M&A? ... When do you see the exit happening? Who will be the likely acquirers?

4414) Opinion is like a pendulum and obeys the same law ... if it goes past the center of gravity on one side, it must go a like distance on the other; and it is only after a certain time that it finds the true point at which it can remain at rest. [Thank you, Arthur Schopenhauer]

4415) Funding: the action or practice of providing money for a particular purpose.

4416) Rapid Prototype Venture: a process used to create a new venture in order to launch a new product or service concept in a short period of time.

4417) Key question for our venture: What can we let go?

4418) When posting to a blog, think whether it is really something we would say face-to-face to a reasonable person who could beat us to a pulp without breaking a sweat ... if it would land us in a hospital in that situation, then it's probably not appropriate for us to post. [Thank you, Mark Robarge]

4419) Ready! Aim! Fire! ... preferably in that order!

4420) Be credible, be incredible, but don't be uncredible!

4421) Problem Solving: finding solutions to difficult or complex situations.

4422) Tips for Building a Good Corporate Culture: 1] Give every member of your organization a chance to dream, and tap into the creativity those dreams embody. 2] Stand firm on your beliefs and principles. 3] Treat your customers like guests. 4] Support, empower, and reward employees. 5] Build long-term relationships with key suppliers and partners. 6] Dare to take calculated risks in order to bring innovative ideas to fruition. 7] Train extensively and constantly reinforce the company's culture. 8] Align long-term vision with short-term execution. 9] Use the storyboarding technique to solve planning and communication problems. 10} Pay close attention to detail. [Thank you, Walt Disney]

4423) Good results without good planning come from good luck, not good management. [Thank you, David Jaquith]

4424) Don't rock the boat ... sink it and start all over!

4425) Good is the enemy of great, and that is one of the key reasons why the world has so little that becomes great. [Thank you, Jim Collins]

4426) When writing our business plan, eliminate typos and misspelled words ... use the spell checker, hire an editor or have four people read the document from back to front, but get those errors out of there if we want to be taken seriously. [Thank you, Kaye Vivian]

4427) Develop the business around the people ... build it, don't buy it, and then be the best at what we do! [Thank you, Richard Branson]

4428) The most important marketing tool is word-of-mouth ... good word-of-mouth comes from being great! [Thank you, Jay Conrad Levinson]

4429) Value Proposition: an innovation, service, or feature intended to make a company or product attractive to customers.

4430) A good business plan provides a clear explanation of the one or two things the company does best. [Thank you, Barry Weisband]

4431) The good old days are gone.

4432) Don't invest in anything we don’t understand ... it's called gambling and the odds are not in our favor. [Thank you, Boyd Erman]

4433) Don't make the day shorter by waking up late ... it's only 24 hours as it is.

4434) There will be ups, there will be downs ... the trick is to have more ups than downs.

4435) If we don’t like change, we'll like irrelevance even less. [Thank you, Jim Collins]

4436) Components: a part or an element of a larger whole ... business plans are a collection of related components.

4437) Use "talking headings"on slides to convey meaning ... stamp out generalities. [Thank you, Randy Accetta]

4438) Words or Numbers ... what should we focus on today?

4439) Cultivate those who can teach us.

4440) Praise in public, criticize in private.

4441) Early-Stage: a new venture, typically one that is not yet financially stable and self-supporting, generally less than 5 years old.

4442) An imagination is a terrible thing to waste.

4443) By the time an opportunity is fully investigated, it may no longer exist! [Thank you, Amar Bhide]

4444) Write so you can't be misunderstood.

4445) Common bootstrapping strategy: buy used.

4446) Get rid of the frivolous frills.

4447) Some ideas will last forever ... some will not.

4448) Anticipate what our competitors will do ... can we live with it?

4449) Knowledge enables us to work more intelligently and effectively.

4450) Act quick on good ideas.

4451) Win, win, win, win, win ... everyone (customers, suppliers, employees, investors, management) has to win!

4452) Key question for our venture: Is there a connection between our name and the product, service, or business venture it represents?

4453) One for the money, two for the show, three to get ready, and four to go.

4454) Everything has a beginning, a middle, and an end ... everything, no exceptions. Even the universe. The beginning was the "big bang", the end ... well, hopefully not soon! But a business venture is always near the end, and the only way to prolong its life is through continuous iterations and innovations.

4455) Stop wishing and wanting, start acting and doing.

4456) Words and ideas can change this world. [Thank you, Robin Williams]

4457) The competition is a good source of ideas ... some good, some "glad they did that and not us!"

4458) All for one, one for all. [Thank you, Alexandre Dumas]

4459) Focus on markets where we have the best ability to sell and service our customers better than the competition.

4460) Don't sit down and wait for the opportunities to come ... get up and make them! [Thank you, C J Walker]

4461) Don't get too greedy ... or we will get needy speedy.

4462) Hard and smart ... the best way to work! [Thank you, Bruce Rianda]

4463) Dilute: finance/accounting term meaning to reduce a person's or entity’s proportional (i.e., percentage) equity ownership, typically by issuing and selling new equity (stock) to other shareholders.

4464) Design for the world. [Thank you, Google]

4465) If we don't have a ruler handy, we can use a dollar bill ... it's six inches long, two bucks to the foot! [Thank you, Doug Clark]

4466) Make history ... good history, not bad.

4467) Keep a voice recorder close at hand to capture information when writing it down is not convenient.

4468) Entrepreneurs have a knack for looking at the ordinary and seeing the extraordinary. [Thank you, D G Mitton]

4469) Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. So why don't we celebrate when our competition copies us? (@^#%$!!)

4470) The way to greatness is paved with mistakes. [Thank you, Stefan Antonowicz]

4471) Can we promote our venture with a (famous) spokesperson? Some care required that "famous" doesn't become "infamous"!

4472) Branding mistake: lack of communication ... everyone in the company is a spokesperson and should be talking the same talk! [Thank you, Jarad Hull]

4473) A company is considered "high tech" if 10% or more of its employees are engaged in R&D.

4474) Give something unexpected ... ie, hidden features in the software that come to light later ... Google plants little "Easter Eggs" in some of their offerings, just for the fun of it!

4475) The greatest fault is to be conscious of none.

4476) Provide compelling information about each of the following in the executive summary ... Description of Opportunity ... Business Concept ... Industry Overview ... Target Market ... Competitive Advantage ... Business Model and Economics ... Team ... The Offering. [Thank you, William Bygrave]

4477) Key question for our venture: How can we clearly define our marketing message?

4478) Keep sentences to 23 or fewer words; short sentences enable us to deliver a clearer message and avoid getting lost in wordy rhetoric. [Thank you, Michael Betrus]

4479) List every potential market ... prioritize them ... focus on those that are most attainable given our core competencies.

4480) Don't be timid, don't be shy, take a look, and find out why.

4481) Don't throw away the old pail until we're sure the new one holds water.

4482) I can see it now, a personal computer in every home. [Thank you, Bill Gates]

4483) A thank-you goes a long, long way ... (Once upon a time, I stayed with an organization way beyond what might have been normally expected because the general manager simply said, "Thank you, Jim. I appreciate you being here." Every week. Not gratuitous, either. He really did mean it!)

4484) Not every source of venture funding is the right source for us.

4485) Promote our venture with trade journal advertising.

4486) Objective or Subjective ... objective is factual, subjective is opinionated.

4487) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are logical.

4488) When we fail, learn.

4489) Share or teach what we know. (Thank you, Eric Smith)

4490) The truth is rarely simple. [Thank you, New York Times]

4491) We're drowning in information and starving for knowledge. [Thank you, Rutherford D Rogers]

4492) Constantly review developments to make sure that the benefits are what they were supposed to be. [Thank you, William H Swanson]

4493) Want: a strong wish for something ... what do our customers want, and do we give it to them?

4494) Make it easy for our customers to be evangelists for our venture.

4495) Create intellectual property that can act as significant barriers to our competition.

4496) It’s alright letting ourselves go, as long as we can get ourselves back.

4497) An open ear and a closed mouth is a temporary substitute for wisdom.

4498) To lead people, walk behind them. [Thank you, Lao-Tzu]

4499) Think why we are saying no before we say no.

4500) A penny saved is ten pennies earned. [Thank you, Benjamin Franklin]

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