Tips 4501 to 5000 for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

4501) The absence of alternatives clears the mind marvelously. [Thank you, Henry Kissinger]

4502) 80% of success is showing up, the other 20% is knowing what to do once we get there. [Thank you, Woody Allen]

4503) Batch our routine tasks and do them all at once.

4504) Love creates love ... creators love creators.

4505) Know thy customer ... do for them like you'd like them to do for you.

4506) Empower everyone who is part of our venture to do what is right.

4507) Idea: The most embryonic form of a new product or service ... it often consists of a high-level view of the solution envisioned for the problem identified by the opportunity. [Thank you, E Fisher]

4508) Can we promote our venture with sales tools, like what?

4509) Don't just do the easy stuff ... everyone does the easy, it's the hard that builds true value.

4510) We can't steal second base and keep our foot on first. [Thank you, Kenny Lofton]

4511) Do not condemn the judgment of another because it differs from our own ... we may both be wrong.

4512) Successful innovators and entrepreneurs have high levels of tenacity and courage. [Thank you, Greg Vogt]

4513) Some "friends" will flip-flop fast when we're facing failure ... cherish those that stick with us through thick and thin.

4514) Key question for our venture: What other new ventures have recently entered our industry, and why? How are they doing? What can we learn from them?

4515) Passion is perfect.

4516) Don't buy a cow if we just want a steak dinner. [Thank you, Frank Novy]

4517) Promote our ideas ... if we don't, who will?

4518) Creative people embrace and leverage failures ... if that didn't work, why not and what if we try it this way instead. [Thank you, Emma L Murray]

4519) Celebrate little victories.

4520) Learn or Teach ... what should we focus on today?

4521) To be extraordinary, either be the very best in one thing or really good in two. [Thank you, Scott Adams]

4522) The truth can't be manufactured. [Thank you, New York Times]

4523) Nobody likes a grump ... take it easy!

4524) Due Diligence: the process employed by potential investors or their agents of investigating a business deal or the target of an investment or acquisition.

4525) Kiss of Death: something absolutely insurmountable that will stop us from reaching our goals and objectives.

4526) Find the right partnerships.

4527) It is no disgrace in falling down ... the disgrace is not getting up.

4528) Key question for our venture: How can we use financial statements in our venture to make it better and stronger?

4529) Key question for our venture: What are our primary opportunities for success?

4530) Pick a pertinent price point.

4531) HOTI: abbreviation for Holistic Outputs-Transformation-Inputs, the concept of transforming one set of elements (the inputs) into another (the outputs) with a set of processes and resources. ["Thank you, IBM for the initial concept," says Jim. "I added to it to make it more useful for product, service, process, and venture design.]

4532) Key question for our venture: What motivates the venture founders? Are they all on the same page? If not, are they at least reading the same book?

4533) Everything is more difficult than it appears.

4534) If we don't have any competition, maybe there's no need for what we do!

4535) Beware: cheaters ... unfortunately, there are a lot of them out there.

4536) We forget what we hear, we remember what we see, we know what we do!

4537) Rapid Prototyping: a group of techniques used to quickly fabricate a scale model of a component or assembly.

4538) See excellence wherever it is.

4539) Reduce marketing costs by improving marketing quality.

4540) The only safe ship in a storm is leadership. [Thank you, Faye Wattleton]

4541) If it didn't work the first time, why do we think it will work the second? If we do the same thing over and over the same way why should we expect different results?

4542) Maintain a good credit history.

4543) There is no garden without weeds.

4544) Hit ’em where they ain’t ... go where our customers are and our competitors aren't.

4545) We are not meant to fly solo ... we're not meant fly at all, which is why we need an airplane and a good crew to go along!

4546) There is no maybe.

4547) Promote our venture with rebates? How would that work?

4548) There's no formula for success in business ... but there is a recipe: earn a profit solving customer problems better than the competition! Like any recipe, the results depend on the quality of the ingredients and the skills of the cook.

4549) Keep an Opportunity Journal. [ is a very good tool to capture ideas and information, and to find it again when it's needed.]

4550) Financial Objectives: monetary goals for a venture.

4551) Junk accumulates to fill the space available for its storage. [Thank you, Bruce O Boston]

4552) Be fearless.

4553) Big picture or small details ... we need both. [Thank you, Sherry Hoskinson]

4554) Define, gather, form, test, analyze, interpret, modify.

4555) Knowledge can be memorized ... wisdom must think things through.

4556) Customer Value Proposition positioning ... (1) Target group and need (2) Brand (3) Concept and (4) Point of difference. [Thank you, William Bygrave]

4557) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are original thinkers.

4558) Where there's money, there's mischief ... keep accurate records.

4559) Weird or Wonderful ... what should we focus on today?

4560) Competitive Creativity: the innovation process.

4561) The accomplish the impossible, we must attempt the absurd. [Thank you, Miguel de Unamuno]

4562) Parent approval is a powerful force.

4563) Alpha, beta, 1.0 (one point oh) ... terminology for the stages of product development.

4564) Our brand must make us immediately and positively distinguished from our competitors.

4565) Collaboration: the action of working together to produce or create something, or make something happen.

4566) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are willing and able to solve puzzles.

4567) We already have some very valuable assets: our capabilities, experiences, education, talents, and passion.

4568) Oh, a wise guy, eh? ... Yes, hopefully, yes! [Thank you, Moe]

4569) The closed mouth gathers no feet.

4570) Maintain a personal collection of potential opportunities and ideas.

4571) There's no such thing as being totally wrong, or totally right.

4572) How can we answer this question: Is the lifetime value of a customer significantly greater than the cost of customer acquisition?

4573) A good attorney knows the law ... a great attorney knows the judge! [Thank you, Paul Efron]

4574) A good business plan provides evidence of customer acceptance of the venture's products and services. [Thank you, Anita Bell]

4575) Reality leaves a lot to the imagination. [Thank you, John Lennon]

4576) Our worst humiliation is someone else’s entertainment. [Thank you, Karen Crockett]

4577) A spreadsheet program can double as a flat-file database to store data we collect from our field research.

4578) Pause and think ...feel better?

4579) Avoid jargon, slang, and abbrvs.

4580) Key question for our venture: Who are our major competitors? What do we know about them now? What else do we need to know about them?

4581) A good read: Eats, Shoots and Leaves (Lynne Truss) ... How could someone possibly write an innovative book about grammar? Lynne did!

4582) When our work speaks for itself, don’t interrupt. [Thank you, Henry Kaiser]

4583) If you had to choose between drinking wine every day or being skinny, would you choose red, white, or rosé?

4584) List 10 things we do that our customers really don't like ... what are we going to do about it?

4585) People say nothing is impossible ... but I do nothing every day! [Thank you, Theodor Rosyfelt]

4586) If it's wrong, make it right ... if it's right, make it better!

4587) Don't fake it ... be authentic and credible with our marketing. [Thank you, Richard Pachter]

4588) Key question for our venture: How is our venture different and better than the competition?

4589) Stay calm.

4590) Take advantage of fortuitous circumstances.

4591) There's always room for improvement. [Thank you, Oscar De La Hoya]

4592) Venture Capitalist: an organization or individual speculator who makes money available for innovative projects (especially in high technology).

4593) Everyone has to win ... win, win, win. If someone loses, it'll haunt us all.

4594) Time or Money ... what should we focus on today?

4595) We've got to know where we're going to see if we've arrived.

4596) Thought: an idea or opinion produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind. [Thank you, Google Dictionary]

4597) Some people think the same thought a thousand times ... others think a thousand thoughts at the same time.

4598) Output: something produced by a business venture.

4599) Develop minimal, nominal, and optimal lists of what is needed to get this new venture up and running, and how much money is required for each category.

4600) Come darkness, we'll appreciate the light. [Thank you, Bob Norwood]

4601) The more we reason, the less we create. [Thank you, Raymond Chandler]

4602) We can't explain everything ... so let's not try.

4603) Hypothesis: a proposed explanation that is used as a starting point for further investigation, often made on the basis of limited evidence ... start a new project with a hypothesis, an educated guesstimate of the outcome, then go prove it, or not!

4604) The past was once the future ... now is at once the past.

4605) Write our own personal script for success. [Thank you, Bill Strickland]

4606) Key question for our venture: Can we readily demonstrate our products or services to our prospective customers in a way that will entice them to buy?

4607) At my lemonade stand I used to give the first glass away free but charge five dollars for a second ... the refill contained the antidote. [Thank you, Emo Philips]

4608) Learn as much as we possibly can from our competition ... what works for them, what doesn't. Just because they suffered finding the answers doesn't mean we have to, too.

4609) There just might be a point when it's time for new executive leadership, with different skills and strengths ... ventures evolve and may need a new crew for a new ocean. [Thank you, Terry Semel]

4610) Nothing succeeds like success ... hard to get that taste out of our mouth, and that is good.

4611) Key question for our venture: How big can our venture become? When? Why? Where? How?

4612) Don't blindly follow our competition ... some of them are idiots!

4613) This time, like all times, is a very good one, if we know what to do with it. [Thank you, Ralph Waldo Emerson]

4614) Beware: pseudo-science can have a mesmerizing effect.

4615) Creativity is intelligence having fun. [Thank you, Albert Einstein]

4616) Common cause of venture death: ignored customers.

4617) To kill creativity, just say: "That's not really needed right now ..."

4618) Hang in there ... there's nowhere else to go right now!

4619) Make sure our customers can easily, quickly, and readily buy and use our products

4620) The more, the merrier ... the more people in a poll, the more accurate the results.

4621) Find the emergency exits before the lights dim.

4622) Help ourselves by helping others. The role of our venture is to continually solve our customer's problems better than the alternatives and at a profit.

4623) Sometimes the truth is not so simple, sometimes the simple is not the truth.

4624) Promote our venture with local TV advertising and see what happens.

4625) Play has value ... if nothing else, it takes some of the stress off work.

4626) There is no such thing as instant experience, except when we accidentally burn our hand on a hot stove. [Thank you, J Robert Oppenheimer]

4627) Time is a state of mind ... the faster the mind moves, the faster the time goes by!

4628) Value innovation is a new way of thinking about executing strategy that results in the creation of a blue ocean and a break from the competition. [Thank you, W Chan Kim]

4629) We miss 100 percent of the shots we never take. [Thank you, Wayne Gretzky]

4630) Pleasure: the satisfaction and enjoyment benefits we deliver to our customers.

4631) Should we promote our venture at trade fairs?

4632) Paint masterpieces ... even if they don't start or necessarily turn out that way.

4633) Be adaptable if we are to be adoptable ... we need to fit ever-changing customer needs, wants, and desires!

4634) Value: the benefits received relative to the price of something ... the best value comes from something that offers the best benefits at the lowest price ... is that coming from our venture, or the competition? If it is them today, it better be us tomorrow.

4635) Traits of leaders who are good at relationship building: adaptability, connectedness, empathy, harmony, inclusion, individualization, positivity, relating. [Thank you, Gallup]

4636) Rocket science follows the rules of physics, entrepreneurship follows the rules of thumb.

4637) Humor is to life what shock absorbers are to automobiles!

4638) Make a list ... a list is a really good and simple tool for getting and keeping organized.

4639) It is better to suffer injustice than to do it.

4640) Key question for our venture: Do we have any regulatory risks? Like what? How are we going to deal with it?

4641) Brevity is the soul of wit. [Thank you, Henny Youngman]

4642) Rocket science is 80% science and 20% judgment, entrepreneurship is 80% judgment and 20% science.

4643) A chicken doesn't stop scratching just because the worms are scarce ... we gotta keep looking for new worms ... er, customers! [Thank you, Sophie Novy]

4644) Our minds can make things impossible ... or not!

4645) A healthy business is worth about 5 times its EBITDA (a 5x price/earnings ratio) ... a growth company, an even higher price/earnings ratio ... perhaps 10, 15, 20 or more. [Thank you, Bob Morrison]

4646) We're number one! (Thank you, Hertz) ... We try harder! (Thank you, Avis).

4647) We'll never run out of great ideas.

4648) Proactive, reactive, inactive ... What are we today?

4649) Success in business comes from a willingness to grind it out. [Thank you, Guy Kawasaki]

4650) 1.0: the first version.revision numbering for a new product ... (one point oh) ... "1" is the version number, "0" is the revision number ... if nothing major has changed but some small revision was made, only the revision number changes ... some customers are hesitant to buy the very first version of anything, so some companies start their version.revision number with something other than 1.0 (ie, 3.2). [Thank you, Gene Olson]

4651) Winning isn't everything ... wanting to win is! [Thank you, Vince Lombardi]

4652) Always add unique value. [Thank you, Bill Blade]

4653) Take charge of our own destiny.

4654) When we're down, everything falls on us.

4655) Word choice matters ... think before you speak or write!

4656) Conventionality is the mother of dreariness. [Thank you, C Benson]

4657) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are ambitious.

4658) Clear, concise, precise ... a guide for all we do.

4659) For better or worse ... hopefully better, if we put our hearts and minds to making that happen!

4660) No such thing as bad press. (Thank you, Donald Trump)

4661) Link new technologies to old market needs.

4662) Key question for our venture: Who are the founders and key team members of our venture?

4663) Benefits, baby, benefits! maybe we can have too many babies, but we can't ever have too many benefits!

4664) Entrepreneurs are usually good at setting goals and objectives, then meeting or exceeding them.

4665) Work with what we have. (Thank you, Bruce Rianda)

4666) Be prepared for the unexpected.

4667) Key team members must have successful experience in our key industry.

4668) The tragedy of life doesn't lie in not reaching our goal ... the tragedy lies in having no goals to reach. [Thank you, Benjamin Mays]

4669) First deserve, then desire.

4670) Key question for our venture: What are the people that join our venture going to do?

4671) Change is not made without inconvenience ... even from better to worse. [Thank you, Richard Hooker]

4672) How can we answer this question: How many people do we need in our venture, the critical mass, in order to achieve our immediate goals and objectives? ...

4673) Our most important competitive advantage is (or will be) our brand!

4674) A venture operations manual facilitates even-handed, consistent administration of personnel policies.

4675) Visionary leadership style ... most appropriate when an organization needs a new direction; where we need to go but not necessarily how. [Thank you, Daniel Goleman]

4676) Capital efficiency ... watch thy money!

4677) Ideation: the process of forming ideas or concepts.

4678) Successful teams perform well in a chaotic environments!

4679) Educate and train.

4680) The danger of being a first mover: we may get it wrong. [Thank you, William Bygrave,]

4681) We need to work together ... there is no way to work apart.

4682) Should we promote our venture with direct mail?

4683) The best way to gather competitive information is through network and trade shows. [Thank you, William Bygrave]

4684) Innovators have good imaginations.

4685) Most of our audience uses a search engine to find us ... all the banners and viral marketing on earth won't come close to results produced by a top 5 ranking for a relevant phrase. [Thank you, Ian Lurie]

4686) The Internet is like a drug needle that goes right into the bloodstream ... people download the precise point of view that speaks to their own biases. [Thank you, Thomas Friedman]

4687) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs expect success, even if it doesn't happen overnight.

4688) The value of money lies in what we do with it.

4689) Anyone who stops learning is old, whether at twenty or eighty; anyone who keeps learning stays young ... the greatest thing in life is to keep our minds young. [Thank you, Henry Ford]

4690) It is okay to cry.

4691) Every rule of thumb can be broken except this one. [Thank you, Roger von Oech]

4692) Boil matters down to the simplest terms.

4693) Manpower, material, machinery, money, methods ... the M's of manufacturing.

4694) Innovators are often emotional.

4695) Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain ... and most fools do! [Thank you, Benjamin Franklin]

4696) Successful brands connect with the hearts and minds of the customer ... they create an emotional connection! [Thank you, Leslie Bromberg]

4697) Earnings from sales to customers is our best source of funding for our venture.

4698) Nothing is more effective than sincere, accurate praise. [Thank you, Bill Walsh]

4699) Use PowerPoint (or Google Slides, or similar) as the homebase for a business plan ... create a slide for each of the major topics in the business plan ... that slide deck is the master for any business plan presentation we may need to make ... then use the "Speaker Notes" feature of PowerPoint to write supporting sentences and paragraphs for each of the slides ... when printing the slides, print them one to a page with speaker notes shown ... voila, an instant business plan complete with graphics (the slides themselves) ... further, the "written" business plan and the "slide presentation" will be "synced"!

4700) Entrepreneurial Myth: Banks don't lend money to start-ups ... actually, bank loans are the most common source of funding for new ventures in the US. [Thank you, Scott Shane]

4701) The one most responsive to change is the one that survives. [Thank you, Charles Darwin]

4702) If we don't have a sense of unity, it will be very hard for us to succeed together. [Thank you, Barack Obama]

4703) Timing: the choice, judgment, or control of when something should be done.

4704) The way to become boring is to say everything. Yibbity, yibbity, yibbity. Yak, yak, yak.

4705) Key question for our venture: How is our venture organization structured? ... is it optimal?

4706) Quality: the degree of excellence of something.

4707) Walk the dog ... don't have dog? ... borrow one ... good exercise and good conversations.

4708) What say we promote our venture with per-order/per-inquiry ads?

4709) If we can’t beat ‘em, join ‘em ... sometimes the competition is on to something good!

4710) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are rational. Well, maybe not always.

4711) Shark Tank is a "reality" TV show, not necessarily "reality" entrepreneurship ... TV shows need drama, conflict, heroes and villains and victims to attract an audience ... real life is a bit more mundane ...

4712) List the attributes, the pros, the cons, the pluses, the minuses.

4713) Do not boast of a thing until it is done.

4714) Think different! [Thank you, Apple ]

4715) A new venture may be feasible if there are customers willing to pay for the end results!

4716) Key question for our venture: Is our name easily confused with other names?

4717) How can we answer this question: How much funding is being raised for our venture right now? ... for how long will that hold us over?

4718) Synthesis: arrange, assemble, collect, compose, construct, create, design, develop, formulate, manage, organize, plan, prepare, propose, set up, write.

4719) Promote our venture with business cards.

4720) Once we say something it's out of our control.

4721) The early bird gets the worm ... and maybe more!

4722) Common bootstrapping strategy: borrow from friends.

4723) Focus first on a specific niche market ... after we capture the beachhead, we can move further ashore.

4724) Beware: experts from afar.

4725) Positive or Negative ... what should we focus on today?

4726) Successful entrepreneurs have an ability to build networks. [Thank you, Timothy Butler]

4727) Define our own meaning of success.

4728) The longer a decision is left unmade, the greater the costs of implementing it.

4729) Praise in public, complain in private.

4730) Some things seem easy at first, but. [you know the rest!]

4731) Easy or Hard ... which one describes what we should be doing today?

4732) Facts are stubborn things, but statistics are pliable. [Thank you, Mark Twain]

4733) The more things we plan to do, the more energy we will have to do them ... weird how that works.

4734) Grant: a type of funding typically provided by government agencies or non-profit foundations ... and typically for early-stage technology ventures, although not always.

4735) Focus on doing things that give us an unfair competitive advantage.

4736) If we fail at humor, at least no one is laughing at us. [Thank you, A Whitney Brown]

4737) What we see depends on what we look for. [Thank you, John Lubbock]

4738) Let's make sure we make it easy for prospective customers to get information about our venture, our products, and our services.

4739) Let's promote our venture with brochures and pamphlets ... we can distribute them like snow on a winter's day!

4740) Change happens ... with us or without us!

4741) Successful innovators and entrepreneurs know how to take small actions. [Thank you, Candida G Brush]

4742) Key question for our venture: How can we be a $50 million revenue venture in 5 years? ... Or, if we already are, how about $500 million in 5 years?

4743) Even if we do not see it, we can still have faith that it is there.

4744) Key question for our venture: How many employees do we have? ... How many do we really need?

4745) Value Proposition: a promise of value (benefits versus price) to be delivered and a belief from the customer that value will be experienced.

4746) Never judge people by appearance ... judge them by performance.

4747) Hook: something that catches the attention of prospective customers, journalists, listeners, and viewers.

4748) Change happens ... sometimes it's good, sometimes it's not.

4749) Types of pricing strategies ... competition-led, customer-led, loss-leader, introductory offer, skimming, psychological, fair pricing, bundled pricing, value-based.

4750) Little things can mean a lot to our customers. A simple "thank you" can make a world of difference in a world full of indifference.

4751) An expert is someone who knows some of the worst mistakes that can be made is her field and how to avoid them. [Thank you, Werner Karl Heisenberg]

4752) Learners inherit the earth. [Thank you, Eric Hoffer]

4753) Better, faster, smaller, cheaper. [Thank you, Intel]

4754) Better to keep peace than to make peace. Better to make the pace than have to keep it.

4755) Customer needs are the basis of our business. [Thank you, Mike Dell]

4756) If we have to choose between paying customers and a fleshed-out business plan, choose the paying customers.

4757) You can't always tell a book by its cover. You might actually have to read it!

4758) It could be a good opportunity if our team has or can learn the skills needed.

4759) No one can serve two masters ... not even a two-headed snake!

4760) It pays to be obvious. [Thank you, Isaac Asimov]

4761) There is nothing so useless as doing efficiently that which should not be done at all. [Thank you, Peter F Drucker]

4762) All’s well that ends well. [Thank you, Bard of Avon]

4763) Attributes of successful new venture founding team members ... Determination, resilience, tenacity, commitment, curiosity, work ethic, humanity. [Thank you, Atish Davda]

4764) Buy a bunch of cheap baseball hats ... Put a label on one hat for each of the work areas in our venture. Then, assign a hat (or likely, multiple hats!) to the individual that is responsible for each particular area, no area left without someone responsible. As we grow our venture, we hire new people to take on one of the multiple hats someone else has been wearing. Have a hat passing party to celebrate the growth of our venture

4765) We can learn a lot from customer complaints.

4766) Be something to someone.

4767) Think of organizations and people who may have an interest in our success but aren't directly paid or rewarded for any success our business might realize, such as associations, the media and other organizations that sell to our customers. [Thank you, Guy Kawasaki]

4768) Make a difference ... even if it is little.

4769) Build an ecosystem of ideas. [Thank you, 3M]

4770) Successful teams provide mutual inspiration.

4771) Seek quality in all we do.

4772) Secondary research: the summary, collation and/or synthesis of existing research, data, and information.

4773) Charge for our work ... otherwise we will not be taken seriously. [Thank you, E Aston]

4774) Entrepreneurship is not reserved for startups ... Entrepreneurship is a lifelong skill that can be applied in most any and every environment. [Thank you, Heidi M Neck]

4775) Design: plan something with a specific purpose in mind.

4776) Successful entrepreneurs are collaborative. [Thank you, Janet Kraus]

4777) Key question for our venture: Are we sensitive to our customers' needs and requests?

4778) Knowing isn't the same as doing. [Thank you, Alan Webber]

4779) When we all think alike, no one thinks very much. [Thank you, Walter Lippmann]

4780) Don't kill the messenger who brings us bad news ... if the bird dies, so does the information that we may sorely need.

4781) Rome wasn't built in a day, and not likely our new venture will be either.

4782) Know when and how to cut our losses.

4783) Create a climate to grow innovation

4784) Once a decision is reached, stop worrying ... go make it happen!

4785) Even when we have pains, we don't have to be a pain.

4786) Everyone is selling something ... who's buying what?

4787) If all work is grunt work, go work somewhere else.

4788) Prototyping, both products and services alike, is one strategy to test key assumptions about what a customer will value and be willing to buy ... we can use product brochures and product data sheet to solicit inputs from customers. [Thank you, William Bygrave]

4789) Focus on our customer’s needs, wants, and desires. [Thank you, Paul Graham]

4790) Never get into fights with ugly people ... they have nothing to lose. [Thank you, Robert M Gates]

4791) Do what we love ... easier then to love what we do!

4792) Nature works 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year ... tirelessly finding ways to change our lives and loves.

4793) Key question for our venture: What are the principal risks to our venture?

4794) Innovator and Entrepreneur: the two most important hats when creating a new business venture.

4795) Feedback is the breakfast of champions! [Thank you, Robert Lorber]

4796) We can automate the production of cars, but we can't automate the production of customers. [Thank you, Walter Reuther]

4797) No expectations, no failure ... isn't that a nice way to eliminate failure? Just eliminate any expectations and failure goes away, as does success!

4798) A diamond was once a chunk of coal under pressure.

4799) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are action-oriented.

4800) Always deliver our criticisms in private to minimize emotional fallout. [Thank you, Kohn-O'Connell]

4801) 20% of the products generate 80% of the revenue ... not atypical for many companies ... what is our ratio?

4802) Education plus experience and a bit of exercise equals expertise.

4803) Watch for good deals.

4804) How much wood would a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood? About 700 pounds, give or take.

4805) Trust but verify ... trust what they say, but verify it is true.

4806) TVM: (abbreviation for Time Value of Money) the principle that a certain currency amount of money today has a different buying power than the same currency amount of money in the future.

4807) Successful innovators and entrepreneurs are forever curious.

4808) The first mover advantage ends when the second mover steps in. The first mover has the first competitive advantage, the second mover must be better.

4809) Victory belongs to the most persevering. [Thank you, Napoleon Bonaparte]

4810) Make big things happen by paying attention to the small details.

4811) Specialist: a person who concentrates primarily on a particular subject or activity; a person highly skilled in a specific and restricted field.

4812) Should we promote our venture with thank-you letters?

4813) The main ingredient of stardom success is the rest of the team. [Thank you, John Wooden]

4814) Key question for our venture: How do we brand our business?

4815) Build a demographic profile of our target customers ... age range, income levels, educational backgrounds, household characteristics, occupation, ethnicity.

4816) Key question for our venture: Why should users care about our products or services?

4817) Spend our time solving problems, not worrying about them.

4818) When it is not necessary to make a decision, it is necessary not to make a decision. [Thank you, Lord Falkland]

4819) Look around ... do we like what we see? If not, how do we change the scenery?

4820) Make good eye contact.

4821) Sometimes we're the dog, sometimes we're the hydrant.

4822) Key question for our venture: How do we compare to our competitors?

4823) Knowledge is not the same as understanding.

4824) Successful Innovators and entrepreneurs know how to best use the means at hand. [Thank you, Patricia G Greene]

4825) Don't take personal offense at criticisms from customers ... listen and learn.

4826) Short circuit opinions with facts.

4827) People remember images.

4828) Don't worry about people stealing our ideas ... if our ideas are any good, we'll have to ram them down people's throats (figuratively speaking, of course). [Thank you, Howard Aiken]

4829) What I hear, I forget ... what I hear and see, I remember a little ... what I hear, see, and ask questions about or discuss with someone else, I begin to understand ... what I hear, see, discuss, and do, I acquire knowledge and skill ... what I teach to another, I master. [Thank you, Mel Silberman]

4830) Don't push unreasonable deadlines ... work smart and hard.

4831) Four key revenue drivers ... customers, frequency, selling process, price.

4832) No surprises. [Thank you, Tom Larkin]

4833) Nothing is worth doing unless the consequences may be serious. [Thank you, George Bernard Shaw]

4834) Skilled innovators and entrepreneurs are inventive.

4835) Life is what happens when we were making other plans. [Thank you, John Lennon]

4836) We can succeed at almost anything, if we have unlimited enthusiasm. [Thank you, Charles M Schwab]

4837) People are egocentric.

4838) Market Niche: a subset of the market on which a specific product, service, or venture is focused. [Thank you, Google Dictionary]

4839) Key question for our venture: What legal risks do we have?

4840) Happiness is a state of mind, not a destination.

4841) Happiness is when what we think, what we say, and what we do are in harmony. [Thank you, Mahatma Gandhi]

4842) Progress is our most important product. [Thank you, General Electric]

4843) How to retain customers: give them special treatment, make them feel really good!

4844) Three PhDs do not make an MBA.

4845) Recognize the importance of transparency. [Thank you, Nelson Wang]

4846) A potential business model: Manufacture products and sell them.

4847) Charm is the quality in others that makes us more satisfied with ourselves. [Thank you, Henri-Frederic Amiel]

4848) Ban the word "projections" ... we're making "objectives" for our venture, objectives that we need to meet and make happen ... projections have no responsibility attached to them ... objectives are our responsibility to make them happen.

4849) It takes 9 months to have a baby ... 9 women can't do it in one!

4850) People, places, things, time, money ... need 'em all in our venture.

4851) Be direct with our communication ... beating around the bush only frustrates people.

4852) Innovators are usually good at instinctive thinking.

4853) Find a strategy that offers a high probability for success ... repeat it over and over.

4854) Greatness is in our heart and mind. Bring it out.

4855) Strategies or Tactics ... what should we focus on today?

4856) Life is a great big canvas ... let's throw all the paint on it we can. [Thank you, Danny Kaye]

4857) Customer NWD Profile: an outline that defines the Needs, Wants, and Desires a customer would like to receive from a product, service, or process ...

4858) Entrepreneuring is hard work ... if it were easy, everyone would do it!

4859) A committee is a group of people who individually can do nothing but as a group decide that nothing can be done. [Thank you, Fred Allen]

4860) Inputs - Transformation - Outputs.

4861) Mistake: an action or judgment that is misguided or wrong. When we make a mistake, and we will, admit it and fix it.

4862) Promote our venture with personal sales.

4863) Concept: a well-defined form, including both a written and visual description, that includes its primary features and customer benefits combined with a broad understanding of the technology needed. [Thank you, G M Ajamian]

4864) Stay true to our contracts.

4865) Mind our image.

4866) The shortest distance between two points is a line, not a lie.

4867) Climb a ladder step by step ... and our venture is one big ladder.

4868) First discuss issues on which we're pretty sure we'll agree. [Thank you, William N Yeomans]

4869) If our plan depends on us suddenly being “discovered” by the world, our plan will probably fail.

4870) Key question for our venture: What does the future have in store for our venture? ... How do we know?

4871) I am guided by the vision of what I believe this show can be. [Thank you, Oprah Winfrey]

4872) Types of primary research: discussions, brainstorming, interviews, focus groups, surveys, surveillance, participating.

4873) Break down barriers.

4874) Goals should be specific, realistic, and measurable. [Thank you, William G Dyer]

4875) Commit to innovation.

4876) Have patience with all things.

4877) Learn from our mistakes.

4878) State the facts fully and accurately. [Thank you, Joel Raphaelson]

4879) All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy and Jill a rich widow. [Thank you, Evan Esar]

4880) Don't wait for inspiration to start something ... action always generates inspiration, inspiration seldom generates action. [Thank you, Frank Tibolt]

4881) Market market market, and then market some more.

4882) Talent is a key to success, but not as important as putting talent to work.

4883) Help our customers remember us ... what can we do that they won't forget?

4884) Let the quality of our work speak for itself.

4885) Minimal Viable Product (mvp): version of a new product which allows a team to collect validated learning about customers with the relatively low effort. An mvp is often an alpha or beta version of the final product offered for sale.

4886) Post-Money Valuation: the value or nominal worth of an entire company immediately after a financing round.

4887) Companies must move away from a "command and control" structure and cultivate a true spirit of teamwork at all levels ... everyone in the company must adopt a managerial outlook and take responsibility for the quality of what they produce ... the enterprise must be steered by a clear set of objectives while giving everyone the autonomy to decide how to reach those results. [Thank you, Peter F Drucker]

4888) Challenge ourselves.

4889) If we don't like what we're hearing, respond with a question, even if it's just "Why are you saying that?" ... this is a pretty good "trick" ... don't get mad, make the other person work ... keep those questions coming ... we might even learn a thing or two! [Thank you, Mark McCormack]

4890) Gross Income: Revenue minus the Cost of Goods Sold (COGS).

4891) Company: a commercial business enterprise.

4892) New things become used things the very next day ... don't buy new if a good used is half the price.

4893) Priority: regarded as more important.

4894) Most people won't buy something until they've been exposed to the seller 5 or 6 times. [Thank you, Terry Wygal]

4895) Word-of-Mouth marketing: Giving people a reason to talk about our services, and making it easier for that conversation to take place. [Thank you, William Bygrave]

4896) Everyone meets the future ... if they don't, they're dead.

4897) Emerging markets are characterized by “stealth” competitors. [Thank you, Andrew Corbett]

4898) Be succinct.

4899) Key question for our venture: How do we market or plan to market our products or services?

4900) There are two sides to every story ... one side is usually better than the other.

4901) Companies are not creative, people are.

4902) There are two ways of exerting one's strength: one is pushing down, the other is pulling up. [Thank you, Booker T Washington]

4903) Reduce production costs by improving product quality.

4904) IT (Information Technology) is not marketing ... don't make them run the web site, it's not fair to anyone. [Thank you, Ian Lurie]

4905) How to kill creativity, just say: "It's impossible ..."

4906) Use product sampling to gather primary research data.

4907) Continuous feedback.

4908) The devil is in the details.

4909) We tend to get what we expect. [Thank you, Norman Vincent Peale]

4910) Can we promote our venture with advertorials?

4911) Every new invention is eventually replaced by a newer invention.

4912) Two of ten venture capital deals will fail, six will continue to go along, and the remaining two are where the money is made. [Thank you, Stephen Lund]

4913) Concentrate on what we do best, then do it better.

4914) Our education is not complete just because we're not in school.

4915) Keep expenses variable wherever possible. Don't pay for what we don't need until we need it.

4916) Don't throw anything away ... keep it safe until we need it!

4917) A good business plan presents a clear explanation of why the venture concept is a significant opportunity.

4918) Try, and try again. [Thank you, Avi Tal]

4919) Understand what we really need to do to survive and thrive.

4920) Understand that when we're wrong, we're wrong. Get over it.

4921) I didn't wanna say yes, but I couldn't say no.

4922) If we think we can or can't, either way we're right. [Thank you, Henry Ford]

4923) Business plan competitions: beware when the prize donor is on the judging panel.

4924) Identify our biggest weakness ... what can we do about them?

4925) Borrow instead of buying things.

4926) Experience is a comb nature gives us when we are bald.

4927) Common cause of venture death: lack of access to customers.

4928) Common bootstrapping strategy: take as little salary as possible.

4929) Don't overreact ... but don't underestimate.

4930) Come to our senses ... what do we see, hear, smell, feel, and taste?

4931) Can we promote our venture with exterior building signs?

4932) Success breeds success, and envy.

4933) Deliver the right product at the right price to the right customers at the right time and right place.

4934) The problem is never how to get new innovative thoughts into our mind, but how to get old ones out. [Thank you, Dee Hock]

4935) Continually review new products and services and processes from our competitors.

4936) Innovating: creating something new and better than what already exists ... innovating is competitive creativity!

4937) Key question for our venture: What hats do we need to fill in our venture?

4938) That which blossoms will also decay.

4939) Save a little good for later ... we may need it.

4940) Key question for our venture: Does our name convey the proper image?

4941) Key question for our venture: What are the risks and the rewards for our venture? ... is it worth doing it, or is it more risky not to do it?

4942) Be persistent.

4943) Never stop exploring.

4944) Memory feeds imagination ... imagination feeds inspiration ... inspiration feeds creativity ... creativity feeds invention ... invention feeds innovation. [Thank you, Amy Tan]

4945) There is nothing worse than a sharp image of a fuzzy concept. [Thank you, Ansel Adams]

4946) A good read: Four Steps to the Epiphany (Steven Gary Blank)

4947) The crew will be productive if they feel empowered. [Thank you, D Michael Abrashoff]

4948) Buy some lottery tickets ... seriously! We know we're going to lose, right? But still, we could win, someone is going to win, why not us?! Similar thought process investors go through when reading our business plan.

4949) Corporate entrepreneur credo: Work underground as long as possible ... publicity triggers the corporate immune mechanism. [Thank you, Gifford Pinchot III]

4950) Common cause of venture death: lack of skills.

4951) We'll be nothing if we're not excited by what we're doing! [Thank you, Daniel Dicochea]

4952) There are three different competitor groups we'll need to keep in mind when we develop a new idea ... primary, secondary and tertiary ... the placement of a new product within each group is based on how often our business would compete with them and how we would tailor our messages when competing with each of these groups. [Thank you, Guy Kawasaki]

4953) Never interrupt our competitor when they're making a mistake. [Thank you, Napoleon Bonaparte]

4954) Common cause of venture death: bad location, particularly for consumer-focused enterprises.

4955) We don't know what we don’t know ... we gotta get out there and learn!

4956) A/B Testing ... compare two versions of a single variable typically by testing a subject's response to variable A against variable B, and determining which of the two variables is more effective.

4957) There's usually some process by which a potentially great idea gets prostituted into something lacklustre, or by which the wrong idea gets put forward. [Thank you, Clayton Christensen]

4958) Unicorn: an early-stage company that has grown significantly in perceived market value, generally over $1 billion.

4959) Hot or Cold ... what should we focus on today?

4960) Beware of analysis paralysis. [Thank you, Rick Daniel]

4961) Key question for our venture: What characteristics are we looking to bring into our venture?

4962) It is nice to be important, but it's more important to be nice. [Thank you, Oleg Vishnepolsky]

4963) Be good at accepting compliments ... be better at giving them!

4964) Never invest in anything that eats or needs repainting. [Thank you, Billy Rose]

4965) The best way to understand business is to start one. [Thank you, Kathryn McGlamery]

4966) Seed financing: money invested to fund an early-stage company.

4967) Create customer profiles.

4968) Life is filled with compromise.

4969) Learning is not compulsory ... neither is survival. [Thank you, W Edwards Deming]

4970) Common cause of venture death: wrong team.

4971) Promote our venture with tie-ins with other products.

4972) Listening is the sincerest form of flattery.

4973) How to ruin a business plan: Make mistakes; Underestimate the competition; Overestimate sales objectives; Try to do too much at once; Use erroneous data; Make up numbers without supporting data; Lie, cheat, and steal.

4974) Do not be mice or the cat will eat us.

4975) Should we promote our venture with blog marketing?

4976) Work hard ... work smart and it's not hard work.

4977) Income: money received for work or through investments!

4978) Dollars or Cents ... sometimes it's better to make a lot of cents than just a few dollars.

4979) There is only today ... yesterday is gone, tomorrow may not come.

4980) Sleep on it ... the brain works in mysterious ways at night!

4981) Competition or collaboration ... can current competitors change into competent collaborators?

4982) Simple: easily understood or done. Let us keep things simple whenever and wherever we can!

4983) Somethings borrowed ... somethings new!

4984) Them or Us ... what should we focus on today?

4985) To get rich quick, buy a lottery ticket or rob a bank. Otherwise, it is going to take a bit of time to make the big bucks.

4986) Those who cannot remember the past are condemned to repeat it. [Thank you, George Santayana]

4987) Character: distinctive nature of something. [Thank you, Google Dictionary]

4988) Entrepreneurs are often good at symbolism.

4989) Work expands to fill the available time ... We need to set time limits or the work may never be completed. [Thank you, C Northcote Parkinson]

4990) Launch: introduce a new venture, product, or service to the public or target market for the first time.

4991) Storyboarding is an easy form of prototyping ... a high level view of high-level thinking.

4992) Wear hats in our venture ... we'll each have multiple hats at first ... as our venture matures, we'll pass some hats to new colleagues ...

4993) Use credit cards wisely.

4994) Changes can be cruel ... sometimes kind, but usually cruel. Even changes for the better.

4995) Be purposeful, passionate, and persistent.

4996) If a wine says “Serve well chilled” on the label, it’s a crummy wine ... what do we have on our label that our customers might not be interpreting quite the way we wanted?. [Thank you, Mari Stull]

4997) We aren't gonna do what we don’t like to do ... so we better be doing something we like to do!

4998) It would be easier if this really was rocket science. Rocket science has finite variables ... the variables in innovation and entrepreneurship are infinite!

4999) Use what we have. If we don't use it, do we need it? If we don't need it, why do we have it?

5000) Genius simplifies the complex.

So, that's 5000 tips. But wait, there's more!! Keep on truckin' ...

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