Some of the questions we've received at 5Ktips.com and our attempts to answer them ...

Q: I thought a 5K was a type of race, 5K meters. Why are you calling this web site "5K" when it doesn't have anything to do with running? A: 5K has become synonymous with a 5,000 meter running, jogging, walking race. If you're a 5K race enthusiast, there is still hope here! We're going to be adding 5K running tips soon ... one of these days ... sometime in the future ... really! But technically, 5K is simply an abbreviation for 5,000 ... there are more than 5000 tips on this web site. We do hope the 5Ktips.com moniker will prove to be somewhat memorable, and that's why we chose it. Our interest is helping innovators and entrepreneurs, and that's the focus here. (BTW ... One particular venture we've tried to help over the years is a running events company, including producing 5K's. So, there is some synergism here! -Jim)

Q: Some of the tips are pretty similar. What gives? Aren't you actually cheating a bit with that 5000+ tips count? A: You're right, some of the tips are similar. While we have merged some of them together, there's a good reason we keep others separate and "as is". They came from different sources. Different people gave quite similar tips. If you happen to see somewhat the same advice several times over, hmmm ... might want to think about it a bit!

Q: Some of the tips have a "thank you" and some don't. Why? A: We've done our best to say thanks to the original source whenever and wherever we can. We did our best to give credit where it's due. If we missed you, please do let us know and we'll add a "thank you". We do appreciate your inputs. We certainly couldn't have come up with all these ourselves. Also, in some cases, the source didn't want the credit, for a variety of reasons.

Q: I'm pretty sure I've seen some of these tips before, and some not in quite the same form. Are they suppose to be direct quotes from the sources? A: Very likely you have seen many of them before. This is a "best of" tips for innovators and entrepreneurs. While some are direct quotes, many have been paraphrased to clarify the underlying message.

Q: I've got a tip or two that I think would fit 5Ktips.com ... should I send them to you? A: Yes, by all means. If they fit our "editorial vetting", we'd be glad to include them. If you are the original author, please tell us so. If someone else wrote them, let us know that, too. We'll still give you a "finder's thanks" on the web site. If you don't want us to use your name, tell us that too. Contact us here.

Q: I see the word "we" a lot, rather than "you" or "I" ... why the "plural"? A: A couple of reasons. One, we like to feel we're sharing something personal with you, that it's not just a simple anonymous quote or random piece of advice. Two, we tried to phrase these such that someone could read them outloud to their venture team colleagues and they would make sense.

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