Innovation Commercialization Roadmap for Innovators and Entrepreneurs

It started on my office whiteboard as a graphical representation of a syllabus for some innovation and entrepreneurship classes I teach at the University of Arizona ... and then I got carried away.

This "Innovation Commercialization Roadmap" is intended to be a checklist of the elements that I suggest innovators and entrepreneurs address as they create their something(s) new and better, and take it to market!

It's like the roadmap for a country showing the big cities and the little towns, some lakes and rivers, some mountains and valleys, and the highways and byways that connect them together. We can have a nice journey without visiting them all, but to really get to know the territory takes a pretty good road trip, time, and energy.

To start an Innovation Commercialization road trip, take a look at the "superhighway" C4 through U4 ... it's the Critical Success Factor for every business venture.

Hope you find the Roadmap useful. Please let me know what you think, and how you put it to use.

You're welcome to share it with your colleagues and friends, too. I just ask for a little credit as the author, and that it not be monetized and sold. It is copyrighted and all rights are reserved. If you'd like to replicate it in some quantity, let's talk! (There are several universities that are using it as a handout in classes, and I'm honored!)